My 2013 Goals!

So, it's been almost a month and I've just been SO busy adjusting with my new shift at work since January 2nd. Aside from brisk walking and 50 crunches before I take showers, I haven't really done any serious work out! I know! And what was my New Year's resolution again? Right, to BE STRONGER!

Well, I mean to be STRONGER in all aspects, not only physical. But, seriously, due to some sudden changes I find it really challenging to hold on to my goals and that lame resolution. Last year, my resolution was just to JOG as often as I can. Basically to lose my unwanted weight that I gained since I hit 20's. It was December 30, 2011 when I bought my running/jogging shoes and vowed to use it for 2012 to get in shape. And so I did! Not very consistent and there were times when I wouldn't get off my butt for like three weeks in a row. But I'm proud that at least I did what I had to do. I even found people to run with. Turns out I can be a good influence after all. Yay! It just feels so GOOD to run even just during weekends and it really clears my head. And the morning air is just so good!

Anyway, enough of the reminiscing and back to reality...I'm facing a new year here and as much as I want to keep playing back to the good and bad memories of 2012, I kinda have to stop...and remind myself to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. That's like my life theme : LIVE IN THE MOMENT. 

So, I finally had the time to really sit down, have a good cup of coffee and write the things that I would want to happen for this year. My ambitious mind just won't stop dreaming! I really can't help it. Well, dreaming keeps me alive, so, I have do it.

Here it goes, my new list of goals for 2013!!!

- Run and write more!
- Visit places around Luzon!
- Meet more people whom I can learn from
- Have a past life regression
- Stop doing the same old shit 20 times (like watching an episode of BLEACH for an hour)
- Be more transparent
- Meditate more
- Block negative auras
- Buy clothes on sale and only the stuff that I REALLY need
- Avoid ranting on Facebook and Twitter
- Read more interesting stuff (blogs, books, etc)
- DYE MY HAIR RED!!! (hopefully before my birthday)
- Save save SAVE money!!!
- Learn how to be more patient especially when talking on the phone with a client
- Get new lenses (preferably the transition lenses!)


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