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Are you getting tired of watching series and movies from Netflix while the world is in quarantine? What do you say we switch to anime for a little bit?

If you've been reading my blog for quite sometime, you would  know that I'm a low-key otaku. Well, I've been trying to lay low for the last ten years I guess, but from time to time, I do post something about anime here on my blog! Sometimes, I write movie reviews and write some anime recommendations once I'm done watching several series at time. I consider watching anime as my mini-vacations since I literally feel like I'm in a different world when I'm watching them. It really calms me down and helps me to get that much-needed break from real-life sh*ts. 

Today, I would like to share four anime shows that I'm currently watching on YouTube. These are released by Muse Asia and they have English subtitles, so hooray for me!!! These are just short ones, they have 12-24 episodes, but three of them are still ongoing, and Muse Asia updates them every week.

Let's start with the one that just finished its first season!

#1 Smile Down the Runway (ランウェイで笑って)

If you are into modeling, dressmaking/fashion designing or even if you're just interested in fashion, you will love this show. I know it says "SMILE" Down the Runway but I literally cry after every episode because I can easily relate with the pain and struggles that the characters are going through. It talks about chasing after a dream from both the rich and poor person's point of view. No one is exempted from the suffering and grinding in order to reach their dreams. The plot is so realistic, and so are the characters when it comes to their physical attributes, personalities and background. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that they would release a second season!    

#2 A3! (リベル・エンタテインメント)

This next one is originally a mobile game that was recently turned into an anime. A3 stands for Act, Addict and Actors. Obviously, this one is about acting, but not just ordinary acting - it's stage acting! The first episode shows a female protagonist holding a letter that says Mankai Company (once a prestigious theater) is in debt and it is about to be torn down. She, together with the only actor they currently have and the manager, pleaded to be given a chance until sun down to recruit more actors so they can re-establish the reputation of the company that was previously run by her father - the former director of Mankai. Watch the series to find out how they managed to pull off a miracle by the end of the day! This is a good anime if you're into acting - whether it's in front of the camera or onstage. Plus, the characters are really hot! *wink wink

#3 Argonavis (アルゴナビス フロム バンドリ)

Here's another group of hot guys! Although, this time, they're all about singing and performing live onstage. Argonavis (the band name) is a group of five first-year college students with the same goal of getting to the top of the music industry. Forming the band was quite tough since they only started with two members and just tried to scout the for the rest along the way. They may have different backstories and reasons for wanting to get onstage, but one thing is for sure - when they got together, they had a unified goal. The anime is still ongoing, so it's really exciting since they are starting to take on more challenges as a band. Make sure to check this out if you're into singing, song-writing or if you love music in general!

#4 Arte (アルテ)

Out of all these four anime shows that I'm recommending, this is probably my current favorite! This anime is about art. The story is about a girl named Arte from the 16th Century who chased after her dream of being a painter - something that is a total taboo during that time considering the fact that she's a woman and she's of noble birth. The setting is in Florence, during a time when arts and crafts are just starting to make its mark in the world. This was also a time when women are simply expected to entertain a suitor once they reach their marrying age. That time, a woman's main role was to take care of a household, raise kids and serve her husband - things that would make me go batshit crazy had I lived in that era! Thank goodness I'm from the 21st Century! 

I love her struggles during the first few episodes - being rejected, humiliated and chased away from different ateliers. When someone finally took the time to look at her artworks, she was up for the next challenge that may or may not earn her a spot as an apprentice. What was the challenge? Check this out on YouTube and see for yourself! I'm a bit biased with this anime because I recently started painting! If you're a feminist like me, you will enjoy every single epic move this girl makes that leaves everyone stunned and entertained. I'm fascinated by the way she breaks the shitty societal norms. She is totally way ahead of her time and I'm just obsessed with her will that is made of solid steel! 

There you go! If you're struggling to find motivation and inspiration these days, take a break and let yourself get lost in the world of anime for quite sometime. I hope you find them entertaining as much as I do. These are really light ones, I mean compared to the other epic anime shows that I've been watching like Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan or Bleach. These four anime shows are very relatable since there's no magic involved - they are all 'humans' who are just willing to hone and share their talents!


  1. I've watched episode one of Arte and yeah, I don't get why women's purpose in life -- during that time is to just get courted and married...uh..talk about backward thinking. Although, Attack on titan is my current favorite and I'm dying to watch season 4 as soon as it comes out!

    1. All I can really say is that I'm SO glad I wasn't born in that era! Even though we still experience stereotyping and sexism nowadays, it was way worse during the old times. Anyway, yeah I bet a lot of anime lovers are impatiently waiting for AOT Season 4. (Myself included!) For the meantime, you should read Akatsuki no Yona's manga! Hahahaha!


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