Movie Review: Koe No Katachi (聲の形)

So, I let myself get sucked into anime world again...on purpose! Haha~

Last December, I made a promise to myself that I would watch Kimi No Nawa on big screen and I did! That was my Christmas gift for myself for managing to stay sane after going through lots of changes in my life late last year. My rule is simple: For every adulting stunt, there should be an equivalent kidulting reward! That's the only way I can maintain a good life-work balance!

Since there would be (massive) changes again in my life, I promised that I would reward myself by watching this animation on big screen too - Koe No Katachi. I haven't read the manga, but one of my trusted friends told me it's a really good one. It was released in our country last May 10th. However, I was quite busy (and stressed out) that time, so I had to wait a few more days to watch it.

If you guys have read my post last June 2016 about how I feel shitty once in a while, you might understand why I can totally relate with this awesome anime film. It was way deeper than I thought it was. I know most people would never understand why I'm willing to spend money on things like this, but this is my life and I get to choose the things that I'm willing to spend time and money on. 

I've actually seen the trailer from YouTube, so, I kinda had an idea about the film. But seeing the whole thing was a different story. Unlike Kimi No Nawa which is more of a fiction animation (soul-switching), this one talks about real stuff that could happen in real life - DEALING WITH BULLIES.

Bullying became a normal thing in schools, hell, even in offices! But is there something we can do about it? How does it really affect people who are being bullied? Why do bullies exist anyway?

Anyway, I have to try to focus on the movie goes!

The story is about a student named Nishimiya Shouko, a deaf girl who recently transferred to an elementary school where Ishida Shoya goes to. Ishida, together with his allies, bullied Nishimiya to the point where she would have to switch schools again. School authorities tried to confront the culprit behind Nishimiya's transfer. Unfortunately, Ishida was used by his allies as a scapegoat. Everyone pointed their fingers at him. He was shunned from then on. In a snap of a finger, he became the target. He got a taste of his own medicine and he realized that it was definitely not good. 

The isolation had him thinking of committing suicide. He does not see the point of going to school or living in general when he doesn't even have friends. Guilt about what he did to Nishimiya filled his head and was somehow convinced that it would be better if he would just end his life. He just waited for the time wherein he could earn enough money (through his part time job) so he could pay his mother the money that she gave to Nishimiya's mother as payment for the hearing aids he broke or threw away back when he was bullying her. 

But years after, fate brought them back together. Only this time, Nishimiya Shouko is reunited with a totally different Ishida. First of all, he has learned how to use sign language. Second, he vowed not to make her cry ever again. 

Will he ruin his second chance? How is he planning to atone for his sins from five years ago? You have to see for yourself! 

This movie touched me to my very core! It talks about how to restore friendship, how to deal with your family as well as society, how to face problems instead of running away from them and of course, how to forgive yourself when you feel like you have messed up in all areas of your life. 

Life itself is kinda tough for some people and having people around you who would make things worse is definitely a living hell. But there is something we can do about this. We can save or end someone's life using just our words, so, the next time you let something slip out of your mouth, think about how others would hear it. Will it make them feel better or worse? Try to filter your words. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the highest, I'm going to give this movie a 9/10 rating! 

I was very much impressed with the story itself and the way the characters evolved during their teenage years. It only proves that people can actually change! There are characters that you would love and hate, but then again, they are just representations of people in real life. 

Let me know if you have seen this movie yet! If you have, please let me know in the comment section below if you liked this animation film or not. Who is your favorite character? If you haven't seen this yet, can I ask you to give it a shot?


  1. Will most likely give it a shot! ;)

    1. Hi there, Liz! Thanks for reading this post! You won't regret watching this anime, I promise! ;) Let me know what you think about it when you're done watching!

  2. hala binitin pà ung kwento :( biruin mo tagal n nga anime na to.


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