My name is Cyndrel and I'm a Millennial. I'm an official member of Generation Y,  also known as the Peter Pan Generation. 

I write about my life experiences and how I survive in this world. But what started as a narcissistic online diary turned out to be something I would want my kids and grandkids to see and read in case I don't live long enough to tell them my stories or should I lose my ability to speak by the time they are born. 

I am also trying to write on my blog as often as I could hoping that I could somehow help anyone who is going through the same sh*ts as I am. If you can relate to my posts, I just want to let you know that it's okay not to have a perfect life at a certain age. There's no need to rush into things that you are not emotionally ready for. I'm here to inspire, motivate and to obsessively tell you that life does not have cookie-cutter; you could totally design your own life exactly the way you want it. But you have to have enough guts to actually go through all kinds of sh*ts in order to get what you want. 

I started blogging way back in 2012. All I really wanted back then was a place where I could put my excess thoughts. I think way too much about too many things and I needed an outlet. I needed to pour my thoughts somewhere. That's how Pink Pensieve was born.

At the moment, I am also creating vlogs on my YouTube channel. I've also been exposing snippets of my shenanigans on my personal Instagram.  In 2017, I became a contributor to a Brooklyn-based online magazine called Thought Catalog. If you have some time and if you want to see my submitted articles for Thought Catalog, please click here.  

I also started my art journey during the last quarter of 2017. A life-changing event led me to watercolor painting. It started as some sort of a 'therapy' for me, which eventually turned into a slightly addictive hobby. I'll be writing more about my art journey on this blog and I would like to take you along with me! Feel free to check out my artworks on my online gallery.

Welcome to my tiny corner!


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