What I've Learned in 35 Years

I'm back! 

Haha! Apparently, it's been more than a year since I posted on this blog site. But, rest assured, this site is still alive! I'm just much more active on my other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

I missed writing here, to be honest. I checked out my older posts and I realized that probably the only time I was really consistent with my posts was way back 2018 - because back then, I was really living my best life! I was having fun at work, I got a decent amount of time spent with my close friends, and I was learning a lot of lessons. I was living life on my terms - most of my income was spent doing the things that I actually like. I was regularly going to the gym back then, I was painting quite often and making extra money off of it, and most importantly, I could go wherever I want to go. 

The pandemic turned my life upside-down and inside-out, though. 

I can say I was still doing pretty well until the beginning of 2020, but, the second quarter of that year was just unbelievably unkind to me. Long story short - I'm not exactly where I want to be right now...as I am typing this post. BUT, I'm pretty sure that this, too, is only temporary. 

So, that's a little bit of an update about my life and also perhaps it could work as an intro to what was supposed be my YEARLY post which is about my life lessons. Usually, even if I can't write a birthday post within my birth month, I'd make sure to write the following month at the very least. I can't believe I let a whole year slide without redeeming myself, so, here I am now! I am sort of exiting my mid-thirties now as we speak...and the lessons just keep coming. 

Here goes...another list of my life lessons! 

1. You don't have to answer inappropriate questions. 

2. When it comes to weight loss, sometimes, it's not about eating less but more about eating right. 

3. If you're not losing at least a few people in your life, you're not evolving. 

4. The only way to get rid of bad habits is to replace them with good ones. 

5. Visualization is necessary to get the life that you want. 

6. You attract what you want and you attract what you don't want. If you don't want to attract something or someone, stay neutral or be indifferent to it. 

7. You don't have to spill the beans all the time. 

8. Stop postponing your happiness!

9. Walking away from anyone or anything that is toxic for you is an act of SELF-LOVE. 

10. Read the books that your favorite authors read. 

11. You don't have to follow trends!

12. You must choose PEACE over past traumas. 

13. When things fall out, it means better things are going to come and replace them. 

14. Don't burn ALL the bridges. 

15. Good mental health is usually reflected on good physical health.  

16. Setting boundaries is essential for your well-being. 

17. Even after you forgive, you don't have to reconnect. 

18. Meditate at least 20, 10 or even 5 minutes a day!

19. It's okay to live a slow life. 

20. Use social media to educate yourself. 

21. Splurge on good, healthy food. 

22. It is your duty to make your soul happy. 

23. Enjoy every phase of your life because they are temporary. 

24. Stop being a follower and find your own path. 

25. Bad days make you feel human. 

26. Growth is NOT linear. 

27. You still need a decent amount of sleep no matter how old you get. 

28. You have to give up the good in order to get something GREAT. 

29. Time is an illusion. 

30. Money is energy.

31. Meditating is life-changing. 

32. There is more than one way to cleanse your aura. 

33. You don't need permission from anyone to heal yourself. 

32. Breathwork is essential in controlling your nervous system. 

33. When you're in a really shitty situation, sometimes the people that you don't expect to be with you will be there for you. 

34. Not all friendships will last a lifetime. 

35. Sometimes, the only way to find peace is to stop resisting and just let go - whether it's a situation or a person. 


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