My March and April Favorites!

We're almost halfway through 2017!!!

Time is flying at full speed man! How have you guys been? I hope you're all doing your best to reach your 2017 goals or resolutions. As for me~ haha! All I can say is that there would be tiny bits of changes on the second half of the year. Oh well! What's new with that? I'm just crossing my fingers that everything would go well, for you and for me for the rest of the year.

Well, I'll probably share more about what's REALLY going on in my life on my next post. I'm still trying to find guts to spill the beans. Today, I just wanna share with you guys my favorite things. I know I mentioned a few blog posts ago that I am trying to be a minimalist and I've been trying to cut back on my expenses, however, you have to understand that I'm just a girl who can't help buying cute stuff once in a while! Haha~

So, here we go!

#1 I'm really proud of this one! Haha! I'm a die hard fan of Slam Dunk ever since I was a teenager. It's always been my dream to wear a Shohoku jersey. Seriously! Can you imagine how ecstatic I am when I finally got one? It's not a Rukawa jersey, but I'm totally fine with it! I got this early March somewhere in Quiapo. My colleagues and I went for a little shopping after getting our licenses renewed at PRC. I was really exhausted that day because the heat in Manila is no joke pal! Also, every time I do some adulting sheez, I make sure to balance it out with drops of shenanigans or in this case, fangirling! 

#2 I wrote a post of my Nichido haul and I have already mentioned how much I love this cute eye shadow palette, but I just can't get over it! Yeah, lately I've been dolling up more trying to hide the fact that I'm feeling crappy as hell most of the time. That crappy feeling has been leading me to the makeup aisle lately!  

#3 I found another gem for my hair just because I couldn't find the hair lotion I've been using. This seems to be the new version of Vitress. I have used this brand before but now, it comes with a new twist. It says 'Sun Protect' that is apparently something I need since I've been walking for about half an hour to work under the scorching heat of the sun. 

#4 I know I should try to cut down on caffeine, but, check this out!!! I found an amazing flavor and I can't stop drinking it! It's Vanilla Caramel from Oishi! 

'Oishi' is like the first Japanese word I have learned when I was a kid. Seeing this at the grocery store freaked the sh*t out of me! Lately, I've been loving the taste of caramel. It probably started when Jollibee introduced that salted caramel sundae. Urgh! 

#5 I really love scribbling notes in between work or whenever an idea pops in my head, that's why I make sure I have cute tiny memo pads within my reach. I actually have an assload of memo pads and journals now and this is the latest one! I also got a "neko" (cat) pen. I call it Neko-chan! Don't you think it looks cute with my pastel memo pad?! 

#6 I have read a quote somewhere that says "Scent is the most powerful memory trigger." If you seriously think about it, it's actually true! Just a whiff of a familiar scent brings back so much memories. Now if you want to leave awesome memories with the people you meet and those who you normally hangout with, start marking your moments. I just did! During my school days and early adult years, I only fell in love with about three scents - Victoria's Secret Sensual Sunset, Sara Lee's Cielo Mio and my favorite bedtime scent Johnson's Baby Cologne - Regular! But I have discovered this new scent - it's Love Story from Penshoppe! Okay, I bought it first and foremost because of the pink packaging but I really adore the scent too!


#7 More pink stuff! Oh yeah! Maybelline is on sale and what's a girl got to do?! I got these babies on impulse but I can definitely use them. This foundation really lasts throughout the day plus it's so cute and small it fits even inside my tiny purses. The Pink Punch lipstick is just perfect for a 'day makeup' look. It's something I can use for meet ups with friends or if I feel like taking myself out to lunch. I'm always saving my red lipsticks for 'work' purposes. Red looks better on (video) camera.

#8 I may have mentioned before that I probably care more about my feet than my face. It's still kinda true! I can't explain the self-loathe that swirls around me when I feel like my feet are in bad condition. I've been walking a lot the last few months and though it helps a lot in maintaining my desired weight, I have noticed that my feet are suffering. It disgusted me to my core when I noticed the rough callous forming around my heels. Good thing I found this heel cream from Watsons and I'm using it at least twice a day. Aside from this, I also use a foot file/callous remover once a week. 

#9 I finally got new lenses! Yay! The last time I bought glasses before I got this new pair was way back 2014! How poor am I? Haha~ It took me quite some time to adjust to the weight. I used to have those rimless and very light ones. But this one has a good grip so I don't always have to adjust them even I keep my head down for quite some time. Black frames all over again, yo!



  1. Love the Maybelline Vivid Matte, Powder Matte and Super BB Cream! I am using the BB Cream Cream Smooth ALL IN ONE. More articles please.....

    1. Suuuure! I'll keep you guys posted on my current skincare and makeup favorites! ;) I love it when Maybelline goes on sale! I gotta say, I literally panic and it's like I got no other choice but to buy at least one item!


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