I think it's time to reveal another skincare secret I've been hiding for quite sometime! 

So, I turned 32 last February, and I perfectly know that strangers and even people I know are still finding it hard to believe that I am, indeed, in my thirties now. Unless I tell people my age, they really won't be able to guess it right. And I'm still getting the lifelong question "How do you do it?" or "What's your secret?". I even had to make an entire post about that way back in 2017. But it's been about three years now, and things have changed and honestly, aside from doing more of what makes me happy, I've also switched to a different skincare line before I hit my thirties.

For the last three years, I've been trying my best to switch products that are not chemical-based. I honestly think that it is not necessary for our environment (and other living creatures) to suffer for the sake of our beauty. And I am happy that nowadays, there is a growing number of skincare brands - both local and international, that are using mostly natural ingredients.   

I first learned about Origins after I got that free facial treatment voucher from Beauty MNL when I did a test run of their site. The first time I've tried this nature-friendly skincare line, I immediately fell in love with it. 

Using my favorite mask from Origins the last three years has been a game changer! I only use it once a week (though it is better to use it at least twice a week!) and I really love how my skin feels right after using it. It gives me that instant glow that never fails to put me in a better mood even if I'm literally going from one stressful day after another. I always look forward to my mandatory 'pamper day' wherein I'd just stay at my dorm and do absolutely nothing aside from getting enough sleep and treating my skin with my favorite products. There's just something about feeding your skin right that automatically boosts your confidence! You'll feel happy from the inside out knowing you're doing something that would not just enhance your physical beauty - but the inner one as well. When you look good, you feel good. That's the basic law of self-love and self-care!

Since I was given free samples or trial packs of their other products back then, I was able to try quite a lot and I honestly wanted to buy them all if I could, but I'll most probably end up homeless if I actually do that. Being a minimalist is hard, but I've been trying my best to be one for quite sometime now. So, I made a tough call and decided which product would be the most useful for me - I'm all about quality over quantity. And this is my SKIN we are talking about. You guys know that I only really spend on food, underwear and skincare - everything else can be bought secondhand!  

So, I ended up getting their best seller - the FROTHY FACE WASH!

The first thing that I like about it is the mild mint scent which is something that I look forward to when I start and end my day. I'm usually cranky in the morning, but the moment I lather this on my face, I smell nirvana! Another good thing about this is its versatility. It's actually suitable for all skin types which is really great since I have combination skin. I tend to do multi-masking at times since my T-zone is much oilier than the rest of my face, yet this product is doing a good job in controlling excess oils which we are prone to having nowadays, thanks to the crazy temperature! 

You guys know I've used quite a lot of different brands in the past, but I really owe my youthful glow from this one! This super gentle facial wash is good enough to be used daily, and I'm really impressed because my breakouts heal much faster since I started using this. And the scars and discoloration are little to none! This product only comes in one size though. This is probably the only down side I can think of, so, what I normally do is I use a mini-container where I can put some of it when I'm traveling or having sleepovers somewhere. That way I can still look forward to my sacred morning and night time routine - wherever I may be!

There goes my ultimate skincare these days! I really want to stick with this one throughout this decade if I could. I don't always do a nine or ten-step skincare routine to keep my skin young-looking. I just really avoid using makeup as much as I could and I make sure that I never go to bed with dirt and grime all over my face. 

Now, it's your turn! What's your ultimate skincare secret these days? Feel free to use the comments' section below, I'd love to hear from you! 

Stay safe and stay pretty!


  1. Wow this is helpful. I'll try this one! Thanks for sharin your beauty tips.

    1. Thank you SO much for reading this! Always welcome! :)

  2. I've never used any skincare product but you've convinced me. So, where can I buy this? Or did I miss it somewhere in your blog? I'd like to try it out for myself :)

    1. Yay! Once the lock down is fully lifted, I can take you shopping and I'll show you where I get this product! But, if you can't wait, you can probably get it online! Check out their website ( and their Instagram page too!


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