Maybe you've been hearing quite a lot about these two things from me lately. I am doing it on purpose, just so you know. I just feel like people nowadays tend to take their physical and mental health in the backseat as they drive all the way to the fiery road of self-doubt and self-destruction.

Most of the time, we find ourselves putting everything and everyone else before us to the point that once we are ready to take care of ourselves, there's not much love, respect and strength left. I really think that loving others and making sure they are happy is a noble thing to do, however, we can only truly give our best to them after we're done working on ourselves. For a long time, we were wired to think that putting ourselves first is a very selfish thing to do. Well, tell you what - it's NOT! It's absolutely NOT! Ever heard of the saying "You can't fill from an empty cup"? That is one of the truest things I've heard in my life!

So, I think it's time to stop giving ourselves the bare-minimum effort when it comes to self-care and self-love. We have to prioritize the things that fulfill or replenish our souls. I haven't mastered this art yet, but I already came to a point wherein I'm just done feeding off drama, stress and anxiety to get myself through the day. I've also realized that hate and fear are not very good motivations to live a healthy life, no matter how strong or fast I think I am moving because of them.

Self-love would set a bar that other people around us would try to reach if they want to step into our world. When we show them that we are treating ourselves right, they would start treating us right, too. That would eventually lead to a harmonious relationship with them. If you show people that you have boundaries and they know that you wouldn't tolerate it if they put one toe out of the line, then, you would earn their respect. If not, then know that you are better off without them in your life! 

Once you learn how to take good care of yourself physically and mentally, once you start doing more of what makes you happy, people would notice that and the right ones would naturally be drawn to your positive energy. Sooner or later, they would start seeking that within themselves too. Happiness is undeniably contagious. Yes, life may not be perfect and there are storms that we must go through that would absolutely test our strength and endurance. However, not all storms are meant to destroy or ruin our lives. Sometimes, they arrive to clear some paths so we can easily find our way towards our next destination. 

How do you practice self-love and self-care? What else would you like to do to increase your self-worth and maintain self-respect? Feel free to write down your thoughts in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you! 


  1. I feel like this was written especially for people like me hehehe

    1. Good to know that you find this post relatable! I hope that this would help you as you begin your journey to self-love! :)


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