What I've Learned in 25 Years

Hey you guys! 

I just turned 25...yiiiikes! hahaha...I dunno how I got where I am right now...It's like I just woke up today and BAM! 

Twenty five years ago I came to this world without a sound - that's what my family told me. I wasn't crying when I came out...and they thought I was MUTE! Well, I sure did make up for those few moments of silence...I'm not only noisy...I have a noisy mind as well...yup...you wouldn't want to live inside my head because you might take your own life before you can even say "Shut up, Cyndrel!"

So, this is the third year I'm doing this - making lists of what I have learned. I don't write all of these in one day. I just take mental notes of these life lessons and when I get to my office, I save it on my office email...ready to be posted on my special day!

These are the latest silly and serious things that I've learned/realized...

I have learned...

- to let go of things that were never mine and to accept apologies I never got

- to make split second decisions that could totally change my life (really, it's a matter of intuition!)

- to talk to people and make eye contact

- to be grateful for the pain and embrace changes 

- that traveling restores energy

- that sorry is NOT a verb, it's not something you just DO...you have to FEEL it!

- that growing up is necessary

- that you shouldn't let ANYONE treat you like a doormat

- that there would always be someone better or worse than me, so, there's no point comparing myself to anyone at all

- to keep reminding myself 'You're doing something you're actually GOOD AT!' 

- that it takes a LOT of courage to say you're NOT okay

- that I'm not totally ALONE and that there are people just like me half-way across the globe, going through the same shits and battling with the same insecurities and dealing with daily dramas too

- that rhyming is innate in me

- not to quit before actually starting something

- that high-heeled shoes are not necessary unless it's a really formal occasion

- to buy good quality shoes, socks and pillows - they give me SO much comfort!

- that blogging is a good way to say things your friends don't have time to listen to 

- to let go of people who are no longer bringing anything good in my life

- that massage is a good way to align our chakras

- that doing one good deed will come back to you ten times!

- that constant swearing is not good

- that brushing your teeth is a bit hypnotic

- that there's no easy job

- that sometimes you have to be the one to deliver the bad news 

- that the most regrettable things are the things you didn't at least try to do


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