What I've Learned in 26 Years

1. “Someday is not a day of the week and it never will be.”

2. It’s kinda sad to have everything and have no one to share it with.

3. No matter how rich you get, you can never buy another extra hour to add to your day.

4. You should say what you want to say. Pick a time, but the sooner the better. It will certainly spare you hours or days of over-thinking.

5. You can do what you want if you want it bad enough.

6. It’s not good to assume a girl is pregnant because she’s fat. It’s awful to tell a girl she’s fat when you know she’s pregnant. (I was a victim of the first statement and I know some people who got really pissed off about the second statement!)

7. We have to find that ‘magic moment’ everyday. According to Paulo Coelho, it’s that time of the day when we realize that “we have the ability to change everything that makes us unhappy”.

8. You’ll get by with good English and good manners. (Trust me on this!)

9. You can look back at a decade like it was literally yesterday.

10. Eating four different kinds of chocolates in one sitting won’t solve anything.

11. Sometimes just getting off from the bed and facing the day is the bravest thing you can do.

12. You shouldn’t take school TOO seriously. It only has like 5% impact (or less) on who you’re gonna be when you really live your own life.

13. Dreaming of a fairy tale wedding is nice and normal, but when you realize how much a cake, a pair of shoes, a gown, a reception hall and a church reservation cost, you might totally ditch the idea of getting married! (Hahaha!)

14. Plane rides are AWESOME. (As long as you’re not scared of heights or flying for that matter)

15. ‘Change’ is not always good, but it always happens.

16. “It’s better to stand for something than stand against something.”

17. Happy ending is only for stories, in real life you simply call it HAPPY.

18. When everything you need is within reach, it feels awesome!

19. People define beauty differently.

20. No matter what happens, you have to come out alive!

21. Great Wall is also known as the “Long Graveyard” because of the number of people who died (and got buried in there) during its construction.

22. There’s always that one person you wish you talked to but you didn’t.

23. You won't always get a second chance, so, make sure not to take the first chance for granted.

24. For writers, happiness is as simple as pen and paper.

25. I’m all about ‘LIVING IN THE MOMENT” but I realized there’s nothing wrong with investing for the future just in case I live longer than I expected. Haha!

26. There are certain types of pain that only MUSIC can heal.


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