I’m STILL Single and Here’s Why

If you are currently in a serious, going straight or solid-as-a-rock kind of relationship, this might not be the best post for you to read. I know I will probably get a lot of raised eyebrows for stating the truth but I’ll say them anyway. 

I respect people who are able to keep a relationship, I mean, that’s one hell of an experience, probably. However, at this time and age, I still don’t see myself being in one. I always come too close to being in one, but, fortunately I always wake up and smell the suffocation. 

So, if you’re in a relationship, you can stop reading this because I’m here to talk about how I embrace the kind of life I’m living right now – being single. I will never try to convert you committed people into being single the same way I don’t want you to try to convert me into a double cheese burger. You know what I’m saying? So, just STOP READING! 

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you would notice that I’m fond of making lists. It’s just quite easier to see things when they are on a list or bullet form. Sometimes, I just put words or phrases or short sentences. I leave it up to the readers to interpret whatever they have read. 

Here we go! I am still single and I love being single because…

1. At the moment, I REALLY love living alone and calling my own shots. 

2. I love waking up alone in my bed. I’m a small person but I move like the hands of the clock when I sleep, so, I really need a lot of space.

3. I simply love inhaling the freedom I get when I know no one else is in the room. I can talk out loud in whatever language I want and I can dance from the bedroom to the kitchen like it’s a normal thing. 

4. Seriously, I can buy myself flowers and chocolates if I want to and I don’t mind going to the movies alone. I love paying for my meals and cooking for myself too. 

5. I want to wear whatever I want to wear. I already have a brother and a father who usually disagree with what I want to wear; I’m just not ready for another one yet. 

6. When I’m shopping, yeah, well maybe I can use 2 more hands to help me carry shopping bags but I also love the idea that no one is dying of boredom because I’m having a tough time choosing between the black and the white dress. 

7. I love talking to people from different walks of life but if you’re in a relationship, that sometimes counts as cheating. Also, I hate being asked why I did what I did, unless you’re a police officer on duty. 

8. I don’t need a minute-per-minute status check, like “Oh baby, the last few seconds around 11:59 I inhaled, then, at exactly 12:00 - I exhaled”. COME ON! 

9. I can be ugly or pretty whenever I want. I hate trying to impress someone who does not even have his own castle or not even in line to a throne. 

10. Well, it’s a bit shameful but I haven’t really found myself yet. I feel like I have so much more to do (have an album and a sold out concert) and so much more to prove (hike Mt. Everest and meditate in Tibet) before I can do something serious like getting in a relationship.

11. I hate it when I have to be serious. 

12. I want to travel!!! I want to see the world and I feel like being in a relationship is a huge gigantic and annoying anchor. 

13. I’m a hippie ~ I have to be free~

14. I can spend an entire day or night or weekend just WRITING. I don’t want to feel sorry for ignoring someone just because I’m too caught up in my own world.

15. I can listen to whatever kind of music I want and I can watch whatever I want~ even if that means just sitting on the floor or lying on my bed for 10 hours. 

16. I have time to really internalize the lyrics of my favorite songs. 

17. Smiling to random guys is NOT a crime.

18. For now, I’m contented hanging out with my friends and cousins when I’m in the mood to practice some social skills. 

19. A normal day for me is taking a nice long walk somewhere, thinking about my goals and biggest dreams, looking for the nearest coffee shop where I can sit down and either write down my thoughts or simply watch people live their lives~ and some people think that’s NOT normal. 

20. I have met guys who can speak more than 3 languages, which is on top of my list, but, none of them likes me back. Ha!

21. I’m a bit scared when a guy starts talking about the ‘future’. I’m just not ready to give up my sacred lone times. 

22. I’m selfish with my time – that pretty much explains it.

23. I love doing absolutely NOTHING ~ just breathing and living in the moment. 

24. I’m not a fan of talking clocks! I can tell the time since I was in grade school, so, I will not tolerate someone who would yell it to me.

25. I’ve got tiny drops of mafia blood and I’m not sure of what I’m capable of doing when someone cheats on me. 

26. I'm very sarcastic but I'm nothing compared to my father. So, if a guy can't stand my sarcasm, he won't last a minute with my father. 

I swear I don’t hate men, you can ask my guy friends! It’s just that being friends with them is waaaaay too different than being in a relationship with them. Maybe I just haven’t found someone I can be really happy and proud to be with. Maybe he hasn’t realized yet that I exist and he’s somewhere halfway across the globe living his beautiful life. I dunno. The thing is I don’t mind meeting him when I’m 30, 40, 50 or even 90 for crying out loud. I don’t care even if I can only be with him during the last 10 minutes of my life. Instead of wasting my healthy years dealing with Mr. Wrong, I’d rather be alone and enjoy my life!


  1. I was laughing out loud while I was reading this. I agree with you on certain parts...LOL. You know me, I am sucker for romance--a hopeless romantic as a matter of fact. I used to ask myself, what was wrong with me, why my relationship did not work, but then it hit me. There is nothing wrong with me. It's them who have problems.

    We singles have time to smell the flowers and enjoy life. Again the quality of life is not measured whether you have million bucks in your bank account or you are in a relationship like for forever. It depends on how you live your life and how you realize your mission as an earthling! I don't make sense, do I? LOL

    See you when you come back. Let's have a blast in a karaoke bar! :)

    1. Haha! This reply is waaaay too late! But...who cares?! Thank you so much for taking time to read this post. Haha~ I just wanted to share what's actually going inside my mind when it comes to living a single life. I know there are cons as well, but I'm just way too contented with my life (at the moment). There will come a time when I would be really interested in that area~ that's for sure. But right now, I'M TOTALLY fine being single!

  2. I died at #8 ! LOL! Like, I work, too! Don't you work, too? Get back to work and let me live for at least 8 hours! hahahaha

    1. Sometimes, you just gotta wake up and smell the suffocation, urgh! :) haha~ (We are SO gonna die alone Ms. Irish! haha!)


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