What I've Learned in 27 Years

Yo! What's up?! 

Here I go again! Haha! This is the fifth time I'm doing this on my bubble gum-themed blog...listing down the things I have learned throughout the course of my hilariously dramatic life. Although, there might be similar things in here from my other birthday posts. I guess those are the things that I still have to be reminded over and over until they sink in.

I just turned 27. If it weren't for the pictures on FB and my blog posts here, I would really have a tough time believing that REALLY? I'M TWENTY FREAKING SEVEN now???!!!

Oh well - time literally flies at times. And...since this has been my birthday routine...I'm proud to present to you the things I have learned so far!

1. If I put my mind, heart and soul on something, I usually get it.

2. It is important to be with people who understand and accept who you are and who you aren't.

3. It is our birth right to be FREE.

4. If you want to be with people who are labeled irrational, unrealistic and crazy just like you, do it!

5. You can be awesome and you can do epic shits!

6. It's not what they see that matters, it's how you feel.

7. Unless you get your degree and license tattooed on your face, nobody really knows who you are and what you can do, so, you have to SHOW them who you are and what you can do.

8. Green tea is good for our health.

9. You can love someone so much even though you are not in a romantic relationship.

10. Sometimes, being brave simply means wiping off your tears and facing your fears.

11. Some people deserve a second chance.

12. You have to "build bridges instead of walls". (Thanks for the reminder Camie Juan!)

13. The real failure is never trying.

14. You'll know it's real love when there's no room for jealousy.

15. You can lose everything in a snap of a finger.

16. You can run, get fit and HELP OTHERS at the same time! 

17. I only have to be better than my old myself, not better than anyone else.

18. You have to go to places you have never been and meet new people.

19. When you step out of your comfort zone, you will learn how to live.

20. I have got to stop romanticizing everything. I tend to always imagine my life with castles and dragons and spiral staircases. 

21. Introverts are not shy. We just don't give a damn about things without depth and we simply get our energy from solitude! 

22. 'Calle Crisologo' (in Vigan City) was named after Marcelino Crisologo, a Filipino politician, poet, writer and playwright. 

23. You can let go of whatever shit is weighing you down. 

24. I don't have to hate people who curse but I despise those who lie and cheat on me when I trust them so much.

25. You don't have to say everything out loud. 

26. "Songs are the best revenge" ~ Ed Sheeran.

27. It is possible to run a marathon even if you think you're an inborn couch potato. 


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