From One Blogger to Another! (Tag Questions)

I first learned about this awesome blogger, Camie Juan from Candy magazine's February issue. It was my birth month, so, I was excited to get a copy and because Taylor Swift was on the cover. Little did I know that I would discover something new once I start flipping the pages.

I've always loved changing my hair color ever since I was in high school even though it was strictly prohibited. (I physically hate rules!) I always find it cool when I see someone with an outstanding hairstyle. There's just something about people who go against the flow. Now, as I flip the pages of that Candy Magazine, I found myself reading about this free-spirited twenty something girl. Well, it was actually the pink hair that sparked my curiosity!

So, I immediately checked out her blog and BAM! It was a whole new world for me! I checked out her posts, I especially loved the one about 'quarter life crisis' because I feel like I've been dealing with it ever since I hit my 20's. It just feels good knowing that someone is going through the same shit as you, and like you, they are just trying to live life the best way they know how. Now, I do have another favorite part from her blog - the one where she asks questions, gives her own answers and encourages others to write their own responses as well. I figured this is a good way to break my typical travel-and-random thoughts blog posts.

So, this is my response to Camie's latest questions from her blog.

1. If you had any job in the world, which one would you choose?

I looked up the meaning of ambassador and it says "an authorized representative or messenger". So, I’d like to be an ambassador of peace, love and music!

2. There’s a new technology that will let you forget one event in your life which would you choose?

I would want to erase most of my grade school memories, because that was the toughest part of my life, it was worse than college years. However, I wouldn’t be this strong now if I didn’t go through that shitty phase. So, let it be?

3. You’re given a chance to date anyone in the world, who would it be?

Hmm...let's see...

I know they look similar but that's Loki (from Avengers) on the left and Mr. Nobley (from Austenland) on the right

Alex Pettyfer played Kyle/Hunter in the movie Beastly

Jamie Campbell Bower played Jace Wayland in the movie Mortal Instruments~

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter~

Henry Charles Albert David as Prince Charming! Well, we have a winner! 

Prince Harry!!! Actually I’ve always been interested with British dudes (or at least someone with British accent) like Harry Potter (Haha!) or Loki, Alex Pettyfer, Jaime Campbell Bower or JJ Feild, but I think the Royal Ginger...I mean Prince Harry is the coolest of them all!

4. You’re given the chance to change one law in your country, what would you change?

Make divorce legal! Haha! I'm not married nor will I ever be soon, but I just hate the fact that we're the only Southeast Asian country who can't accept this decree. Why can't people here accept that PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES and it's alright to remove or erase something in your life that does not fit there anymore!!!??? Why???

5. You can live in any city/country, which one would you choose?

London, baby! I’d like to be in a place where people won’t find me weird should I accidentally talk with a British accent!


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