My new friend Nana, though we barely know each other, agreed to come with me to Beijing World Park since they would be having a day off the same time I will be going there. We set a time when she would come and pick me up at my hotel; she and the other therapists live kinda close to where I was staying.

The morning of May 3rd, 2014, soon after checking out of my hotel, I had a quick breakfast at the newly opened cafe at the ground floor of the building. The owner speaks fluent English which made me so happy because ordering won't be a problem. I had a really great early morning conversation with her while I was having breakfast. 

Not long after, Nana showed up at the cafeteria with her best friend Dulan. She said, Dulan agreed to come with us as well; I was ecstatic! In China, people usually just have one day off. I couldn't believe that these people are willing to sacrifice their one day off to give me a tour. So, what was supposed to be a quiet 'solo expedition' became an unplanned, photo-filled, hilarious journey.

We got on a cab to Beijing Railway station; I need to check in again at this other hotel which is just walking distance from the train station so it will be easy for me to go to the platform once I go back to Tieling. Actually, the two Chinese girls were insisting that I just stay at their dormitory for the rest of my trip, however, Chaoyang is about 30-40 minute drive to the station and I wouldn't know what to do if I miss my train in case I get stuck in a traffic jam. So, I just politely declined and told them I would stay with them the next time I visit Beijing.

We had to take a subway and a bus going to Beijing World Park. I let them lead the way, though I'm already quite familiar with the subway lines and stations. That's the thing about going to places in a pack; you let your guard down and just follow and trust the others to lead the way. I was just like a driftwood then, haha! I just go wherever they go.

When we got off the subway, we walked for a few minutes to the bus stop. We had to queue at the right spot and wait for the right bus number. You can see the numbers on the pavement anyway so it's quite easy to follow.

For the first time ever, I was able to get on that double-decked bus. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of it when it stopped because we had to get in really fast, haha! 

After about 45 minutes on the double-decked bus, we finally reached the place! The bus didn't stop exactly at the gates of the park but you can easily see it since there are a lot of people heading that way. 

I literally felt like a kid on vacation the moment I saw the entrance. I couldn't wait to get inside!

Little Japan!

Little Australia!

Little USA!

Thinking about all my favorite TV shows and movies filmed in San Francisco...
somewhere in France!
London, baby!

We took as much photos as we could, but my favorite shots are the ones near the mini Eiffel Tower and Stonehenge. My feet hurt like hell again after walking around the entire park. We had a quick lunch at one of the small stores and the two Chinese girls insisted that they would pay for food since I paid for the entrance tickets.

It drizzled a bit while we were inside the park. Good thing I got my hoodies with me! Around late afternoon, the three of us were already getting weak from walking, so, eventually we made our way towards the exit. 

We took a bus again going back to the subway station. I fell asleep the moment I sat on the bus. I was so tired but happy at the same time! We parted ways at one of the subway stations. They had to head to another direction to get back to Chaoyang and I just had to walk back to my hotel.

I was pretty much knocked out when I got to my hotel room, but I haven't eaten dinner yet, so, I still had to go out again to buy a McDonald's to go. I had to get a good rest because I promised myself I'd go to Lama Temple the next day.


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