LSS: Take Your Time by Sam Hunt!

Hey what's up?!

I haven't been moving that much since Christmas, haha! It's kind of a long story, I'll need to make separate post about my sluggish moments. Right now, I'd like to share with you the song that has been the reason behind my slow-walking, music video-ish movements for the last 2 weeks.
It's Take Your Time by Sam Hunt!

Sam Hunt was born in Georgia. He used to play football (in high school and college) before he got serious about the music industry. One summer, he just picked up a friend's guitar just to kill time. Since then he would play guitar after his football practice. He tried to learn a few chords and out of a whim, he just said he wants to buy his own guitar too. He taught himself how to play some of his favorite singers' songs. Sometime in 2008, he and a friend moved to Nashville. His family and friends never noticed his songwriting skills way back then. He said he actually never thought of himself as a musician or at least someone who has a musical talent. But sometime in 2012 he co-wrote a song called 'Come Over' with Kenny Chesney. In 2014, he also wrote a song called 'Cop Car' for my other favorite country singer Keith Urban.

Enough about his story for now, all I'm saying is that, I love his country roots (actually almost everyone from Nashville!) though he doesn't always do the country boy stereotype ~ the boots, cowboy hat and plaid shirts. But when he sings and talks, man, I feel like dying! I love his accent and the way he would casually talk and then break into a song. Some people call it Sam Hunt-ing. He also listens to Usher, so, it shows in his very own country-pop, R&B-ish genre. He considers his songs to be country, but since he has been influenced by Usher, he tried to be creative. He wanted to be different from others.

I think that's why his songs stand out so much when I'm tuned in to Hot Country songs on I've been hearing his songs for quite some time but it was only around late December when I finally stalked the shit out of him. Haha! I just couldn't stop watching his live acoustic shows on Youtube! I used to just catch him on the radio on my blogging nights. But now, he has taken over my life! He has literally TAKEN MY TIME!

I'm also addicted to his other songs Break Up in A Small Town, Speakers, House Party, Leave the Night On and Bottle it Up.

If you have some time, check out this dude and be amazed by his rapid-fire singing style (esp. on the song Speakers) and be hooked by his talk-sing verses that would send shivers down your spine! He won the 'New Artist of the Year 2015' award for a reason.

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