What I've Learned in 28 Years!

Can you believe it? It's that time of the year again wherein I am somewhere between being ecstatic and overwhelmed! Wheeew!

This is the 6th year I'm doing this, fellas! I hope you're not getting sick of it. A lot of things happened the previous year. I finally moved to one of my dream places (I've been saying this a lot lately!) and met new people and lived a totally different life. It was not easy at first but it was challenging and exciting!

Since it's my 28th birthday, I wanna share with you guys another list of the things I've learned recently!

1. People are scared of each other.
2. When people walk into your life, you have to be prepared to see them walk away from you too.
3. When you talk about serious things in a funny way, only the smart ones would take you seriously. The rest would just laugh.
4. It's tough experiencing unrequited love. It is beautiful and sad at the same time.
5. Without proper guidance, you could do wrong things without meaning to.
6. People usually follow their heart and their passion after going through depression and about a couple of mental breakdowns.
7. It is possible to be broke and happy. (This is probably what I've learned from Two Broke Girls!)
8. Love takes no sides.
9. People tend to help you if they know you are helping yourself too.
10. No matter how much you say you love someone, you would forget his/her birthday at least once!
11. From 18 years old onward, you can choose whatever religion or faith you want to believe in.
12. It's always nice to wake up in a different town.
13. You can earn back money, but not moments or memories.
14. If it's not your turn to do your job, you gotta step down and let other people do their job.
15. "You get amazed by things you don't often see."
16. Distance means nothing if you learn how to sleep on it!
17. Angels are real.
18. As much as possible, you have to follow your guts.
19. Some things are better unplanned.
20. Some scars just last forever.
21. Family is not always by blood.
22. Romantic relationships are not just about flowers, chocolates and a whole lot of crap.
23. I suck at chess, that's why no one can predict my next move.
24. "Peace is found through surrender." ~ Nicole Antoinette
25. I don't really need alcohol to make bad decisions.
26. Sometimes a simple hug could be your home.
27. Life should be about more action and less expectation.
28. "The only disability is the refusal to adapt." ~ Sean Stephenson

Thank you so much for the cake, Rylie and Steve!!!


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