What's up guys!?

Since I'm not posting anything useful, I'm taking this time to link my YouTube videos to my blog for now. You might have seen my three-part blog post about my Ilocos trip last February 2015. It is more detailed, of course, but if you're feeling a bit lazy to check out still images and a bunch of text, then you might be more interested in checking this short video instead!

Capturing moments in pictures and videos are very important to me. Shooting videos was something I've always wanted to be good at since I was a kid. I only realized my interest in photography recently, but moving pictures always fascinate me. When I was little, only the adults are allowed to use the camera or the video, and I hated it! I know it's different now. Even toddlers can use smart phones or digicams these days, those lucky rascals! Haha!

Anyway, I'm working on other vlogs as well and who knows when I can post them on my blog? Also, YouTube is giving me a hard time uploading my Baguio videos (and I don't know why!).

For now, I hope you enjoy watching this!


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