Roaming Around BenCab Museum

After more than a year of living here in Baguio, I was finally able to visit the famous BENCAB Museum. 

BENCAB Museum is where you can find Mr. Benedicto Cabrera's artwork collection, so as other acknowledged Filipino masters and contemporary artists. Mr. Cabrera is a Philippine National Artist. He set up his studio and a little farm here in Baguio sometime in the 1980s. I could somehow understand why he chose to settle in Baguio. With the perfect climate and awesome views - this place is really meant for artists like him.

Last July 17th, my friend Faye joined me as I roamed around BENCAB Museum. 

When she first told me about BENCAB during my first few months here, she specifically said 'DON'T Google it!" I tried my best not to look it up before actually going there but eventually, I still did. I didn't read everything on the website though, so, I didn't know that aside from paintings, I'd also see artifacts in this museum. There were several bulol (rice god) statues, weapons and other Cordilleran artifacts inside the Cordillera gallery. I love anything ancient, so, you could just imagine my childish expressions as I check them out. 

BENCAB Gallery

Contemporary Art Gallery 1

Contemporary Art Gallery 2

Erotica Gallery

Gallery Indigo

Should you get hungry, you can order some food and refreshments from Cafe Sabel. Food and drinks bought outside are strictly not prohibited in the cafe though. 

It's was a bit cloudy and rainy that day, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed strolling around the garden. 

A lot of tourists often put BENCAB Museum on their itinerary though it's not located in the middle of town. It's really worth traveling to this secluded place. We did not proceed to the Eco Trail that day because I was not in the mood to hike and I even had a slight headache towards the end of our tour. 

It's just really nice to get a taste of history once in a while. If you are planning to visit Baguio, make time to visit this place as well. 

BENCAB Museum is located at Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet. It's a 15-20 minute drive from the city. You can take a jeepney from town, near the market (P12.00). You can also take a cab going there if you are traveling with a group.


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