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I've been feeling sluggish (again) recently but I am trying my best to fight it off you guys! I'm trying my best to move around, but seriously, the heat is exhausting every cell in my body! I am terribly missing the cold weather in Baguio. I am hoping one of these days I could visit my once-upon-a-time home up in the mountains. I actually still have some stuff at my neighbor's house in Baguio! (Hi Lora! Zup dude?!) 

Anyway, today's post is about something that reminds me so much of my internship days. When I was an intern, I was required to wear make up, like, at all times! I had to go through a 6-month internship at a public school when I was 19 before I was able to get my degree and license in teaching. Most of my jobs are related to education, though I don't always teach in the classroom. I was relieved that in my early 20's, I got my first online teaching job which means I would teach using a phone and a computer, so my students won't have a say about how crappy I look when I'm having a bad day. For them, I was just a voice over the Internet phone. However, when I transferred to the main branch of my (current) company, I was assigned to a video account. That means, this time, I have to teach in front of a camera. 

Have you seen my post about how I felt like I used four month's worth of lipstick in just two weeks when I got back in Manila? I had no choice but to look for a new lipstick that time if I didn't want to look bad as I do my job. It's not like I'm working in a fashion magazine or something (that is actually one of my dreams!), but there are times when I would just be conscious about how I look since I can always see myself on the screen. It's like I'm constantly looking at a mirror! I used to be fine with the sleek hairstyle, good posture, friendly smile and well-modulated voice. But lately, the ugly voices in my head were telling me I could do better! 

I told you I haven't been feeling so good these days; I think I've probably been having episodes of irrational and uncontrollable fits of anger (AGAIN!). The heat and lack of sleep, they've always been the best triggers that's why I am doing my best not to fall into these traps. I realized I have to try to at least make myself feel better, and what's the best way for girls (I mean women!) to feel better aside from having sundae and shopping for clothes??? That's right! Shopping for makeup products!!!

So, I've actually made a mental list of the things I'd like to buy. I've been calculating how much I want to spend...and then...something good happened!!! 

Apparently, the company used to have this 'tradition' of giving out gift certificates for birthday celebrants. They stopped doing that for quite some time, but now, it's back!!! The first batch of celebrants (from January to March) were granted P500 worth of Sodexo gift certificates! Can you imagine how many internal cartwheels I did that day??? 

I immediately rushed to Watsons the very next day and I got myself some new Nichido products!

I got a new eye-shadow palette called Stardust and it comes in three neutral shades. I'm also in love with its cute packaging! The last time I purchased an eyeshadow palette was 2014 and it was barely used since I don't usually doll up! But this time, I promised myself that I'm not gonna waste these new makeup products!

Since I am trying to be a minimalist, I figured maybe I should use minimal makeup as well. I was going for that 'no makeup' make up look. I've been watching YouTube videos of girls (women!) doing their makeup and I can't help praising them for their patience and effort to make themselves look good. The thing about looking good is that it actually makes you feel good too! Right? And that's just what I need! I need to feel good in the midst of all these chaos in my head. 

I tried to look for other nude and neutral eye shadow palettes but I am a bit biased with Nichido since I used this brand when I was an intern. When I saw this Totally Neutral palette, I asked the saleslady if I can try the makeup on first. So, I took off my glasses, shut my eyes for a moment and VOILA! I actually fell in love with it that instant! It looks and feels so light! They have just the right amount of color and highlight for my sleepy eyes. The kind lady asked if I needed anything else and I figured maybe I should look for a powder blush too. I used to have that trio Nichido powder blush before, but I didn't think it would be frugal to have three shades now that I'm just getting reunited with makeup again. Besides, powder blush kinda makes my cheeks chubbier than it already is. But I do have a favorite shade which is Sunkissed, so, I ended up looking for it. 

They also have individual eye shadows or singles at Nichido. I used to have a blue and brown shade long time ago and I just remembered how good they actually look once you put them on. They were not glittery; those blue and brown shades that I had before were regular eye shadows. However, this time I got myself this Bronze Eclair eye shadow. I actually purchased this product a few weeks before I got the gift certificate. 

And...I feel like I need new brushes along with my new makeup products, so, tada! I got these babies at a very affordable price! 

I also have black and white eyeliners but just like the individual eye shadow, I got them before I got the Sodexo gift certificate, so basically, the new ones in my Nichido haul are the Stardust eye shadow, the Sunkissed powder blush and the brush set. I'm actually eyeing on other Nichido products but right now, there are more important things lined up in my mind, so, I just have to chill and wait for the right moment to buy them. 

For now, I'll be having fun with the ones that I've got!

I'm actually not sure if Nichido products are available in other countries, but do you have any favorite brands? Would you mind sharing your favorite makeup products in the comments' section below? I would love to hear from you!


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