LSS: Blue Tacoma (by Russell Dickerson)

We are halfway through the year!!! How have you guys been?

I'm trying to be fine these days but I can't help being unsturdy at times. And you know what I do when that happens aside from writing? Yup! MUSIC therapy!

So, here's another country song that I've been listening to A LOT lately. It's called Blue Tacoma by Russell Dickerson. I just listen to this song when I start to feel crappy these days and it puts me back in a good mood! The hook just keeps on playing in my mind. (It also reminds me that I need to get a driver's license already!!!) I'm feeling every single word from this song. It's talking about this earthly place that feels like heaven for both the singer and his lover. (I meant his wife!) 

Here it is!

Is there a time and place that would always be your definition of heaven just because you've shared lasting moments there with someone special to you? It doesn't have to be a perfect or fancy place - just any place where you have created awesome memories! That's the kind of vibe I'm feeling when I listen to this song. 

You have no idea how my mood changes the moment I listen to Blue Tacoma!


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