New Found Haven: The Craft Central!

I've been wanting to post this article for quite some time, but real life keeps on getting in my way. Urgh! But today, I'm glad I found some time to sit down and write about my new found haven. 

So, I started painting last February. I've been wanting to try painting but I only started to take action two months ago. The motivation was just too strong that time and can I just say something real about being a frustrated artist? For the longest time, I've been feeling like I have this very demanding soul trapped in a very lazy human body. You know what I'm saying? I wanna do a LOT of things, however, the realistic Cyndrel (Wow! Really?) is always nagging me - saying I have to get my shit together, pay my bills and talk to others like a real adult on a regular basis. See, I try to do all of that. I obey the 'adult' within me. But from time to time, I think I owe it to myself to pacify the 'child' within me too. 

Fortunately, I found a crafting haven within reach. It's called THE CRAFT CENTRAL, located at 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5. 

They have all sorts of crafting and art supplies - calligraphy pens, brush pens, ink, journal, acrylic and watercolor paint, pins/buttons, stickers, bookmarks, colored-pens, paint brushes, cute boxes, essential oils, hippie stuff and more!!! Seriously, I can spend an entire day just checking out all their merchandise. The staff is very friendly and well-trained too. Now, that's one thing I'm always looking for in a store or restaurant - GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE! No matter how good a store or restaurant is, once I am given a bad service, I rarely go back.  

I want to buy this for my father! :)

I recently lost my only pair of earrings, my guitar earrings! Though I only got it for Php 35, I still miss it because it represents who I am. I loooove guitar-shaped stuff! But, I finally stopped crying about it when I got a new pair of earrings from The Craft Central! Woohoo!

Here are the art supplies I got from The Craft Central. I still don't have the 'water well', but I'm hoping I can get it next time I visit their store. 

If you love crafting and you haven't checked out their stores, I'm telling you, you're missing half of the fun! This store is filled with pretty things and I'm 100% sure that you'd leave with a huge smile in your face. Now, if you're a homebody and you prefer to shop online, you can also check out their website


  1. I can roam around bookstore or supermarkets and will never get bored. Guess if u are interested, u will always be occupied in a nice way😊😊😊

    1. I love hanging out at bookstores too!!! Fully booked is another HAVEN! hahaha Love their comfortable chairs but I'm fine sitting on the floor too! Thanks for the comment, Giselle!

  2. I also like checking out art & crafts stores. I rarely buy but i like looking at notebooks, pens, stickers, and other things used for scrapbook. :))

    1. Wahahaha! No problem with that, Faye-chan! Cute people are usually attracted to cute things too! :D Thanks for checking out this post! I'll take you to The Craft Central if we ever find time! Hahaha, you can look around while I shop! :P

  3. Yeah, bookmarks are vital to artistic endeavors. I've never heard of an artist even attempting to create art unless they have a bookmark nearby. Whew! You almost worried me!

  4. :) Thank you for reading this post!


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