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I can't believe we're already on the third quarter of the year! Pretty soon, we'll be entering the "BER" months which means the beginning of the Christmas season here in my country. Yeah, we start celebrating Christmas from the very first day of September. In a few more weeks, we'll start hearing Christmas songs and we'll start seeing colorful lights in residential areas and even along the streets. Christmas season is also that time of the year wherein people struggle the most to put themselves on weight watch. This is the time of the year wherein you'd be invited to countless parties, which means hello calories!

I don't want to sound like a female Grinch here but, as I get older, I realized that I'm losing my energy and enthusiasm to attend big parties. I got two main reasons for that - I am trying my best to stick with healthy food these days and I usually get anxiety/panic attacks when I'm surrounded by a bunch of people. So, most of the time, you'd just see me sitting alone in a corner of a cozy cafe or restaurant, people-watching, probably listening to music or I'll have my nose buried behind a book. That's my idea of peace. Since I talk for a living, I make sure to spend a helluva quiet time during my days off. Sometimes I'll paint or sketch, update this blog or my absolute favorite - SLEEP for long hours! But if you don't see my ass lying around my dorm room, it's either I'm breaking into my sister's house - raiding her fridge or going on semi-hermit mode at my favorite restaurants. 

Today, I'd like to share with you one of my favorite places to go introverting. Now, there are quite a lot of nearby fast food restaurants and cafes around my dorm but this one stands out the most because of the country vibes that it gives despite its location. It's called SATINKA NATURALS. It's an awesome bistro that serves absolutely organic food. They make mostly vegan and vegetarian dishes, but they also serve chicken, pasta, smoothies and coffee. They only use natural ingredients from the Cordilleran region.

The last time I visited this place, I was with my friend Jeff and we had a quiet pasta party for two to celebrate his 31st birthday! I really love their coffee from Benguet because it brings back good memories of my mornings in Baguio, however, I've been trying to cut down on coffee these days because I've been experiencing disturbing palpitations the last few weeks. So, in a lousy attempt to calm my heart that's been over-beating, I opted for their Yoga tea instead.

I love their carbonara, cream cheese pasta and grilled chicken pesto. I've once tried their honey mustard chicken with red rice as well, but I've yet to try their other rice meals, sandwiches and appetizers. 

I absolutely love the set up of the place - it's very peaceful and homey. It's not that big but they were able to maximize the space that they have. When I'm having a meal, I really hate being in a crowded and noisy place. I need enough space to be able to properly breathe. I also often use my meal time to think about what I'm supposed to write next. I usually bring a journal with me and a pen, if not, I'll probably write down my random thoughts using the notepad from my phone.
If you're also looking for a place that serves healthy food for a reasonable price that is not too mainstream, I would definitely recommend this bistro! It is located at 1137 Kamagong Street, San Antonio, Makati City.

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  1. Very nice place! Like the simplicity of the restaurant.

    Thanks for this article.


    1. Hi Sab!

      Thanks for reading this! Hope you can visit this place too! Pretty chill and laid back place, I swear! ;)


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