Have you ever heard of digital decluttering before?

Well, I'm here to tell you that this is one of the easiest ways to get our mind off that self-inflicted chaos that is subconsciously sabotaging our productivity (not to mention, sanity!).

When we turn on our laptops or PCs, what is the first thing that we see? The icons on our desktop, right? I am SO guilty of having a messed up desktop. I usually just create folders and leave them on my desktop whenever I have new photos or even articles. I dunno when I got this habit of procrastinating when it comes to organizing my files. I used to be very obsessed about organizing shits. What the hell happened? Maybe I grew up, maybe I'm just too tired most of the time. No idea! Anyway, it's not cool because it's starting to daunt me now. Every single time I turn on my laptop, I would cringe at the number of folders and icons everywhere.


Lately, I've been feeling lazy to even start doing anything using my laptop simply because I don't know which one to click first. The digital mess is totally getting in the way of getting things done! When did I even start acquiring these files? I really want to do something with the assload of video clips and super throwback photos that no one even sees. That's when I came across digital decluttering. Since this is not the 90's and I can't just simply burn photos and have that ultimate feeling of satisfaction knowing that they are gone forever, I know that I really have to find time to sit down and deal with these files. 

I still haven't managed every single folder in my laptop, but, I've been doing some micro decluttering from time to time. I started with my work PC - I am proud to say I do have a minimalist desktop now! I also try my best to have zero unread email and I make sure to delete unnecessary sound files and empty my trash bin by the end of the work week. I started cleaning up and organizing my personal emails as well. I do have different categories, but for quite some time, most of my emails were just sitting in the 'inbox' folder. I unsubscribed to newsletters that are no longer beneficial to me and I deleted emails from people who are no longer in my life. I started deleting movies I've already seen a thousand times and poor quality and meaningless photos. And you know what? Freeing up a lot of digital space was like a MIND SPA! I had no idea that knowing you don't have that much crap stored somewhere could feel so liberating and peaceful, yo! I don't even see my files on a daily basis, but knowing that they are out there somewhere, that weighs me down big time when I'm trying to meditate and chill. Since I've been trying my best to be a minimalist, I figured I should apply that concept to intangible objects as well. I can already feel the happiness and freedom with just micro decluttering, I can't imagine how much better it could get once I'm actually done with everything. I also want to do this for my social media applications. 

Hopefully before this year ends, I can say that I left no stones unturned. I want all of my files in my laptop to be sorted and filtered properly, in order to make way for new things to come and probably a clearer perspective in case I wanna write a blog post or article using it.

Have you tried digital decluttering before? If not, would you give it a try?


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