I turned 31 today! Yay! 

Can you believe that??? That was an epic decade though and I'm looking forward to this new one. But before anything else, I'd like to share with you (like I always do) the things that I've learned in life so far. I borrowed quite a lot of words from a few people that I respect, most of which I haven't even met. 

Here it goes...

1. Help if you can, but set boundaries.

2. You need to get out of your cave once in a while to be able to have epic memories.

3. "Your feelings aren't your choice, your behavior and thoughts are always your choice."

4. Stick with people who laugh with you, not at you.

5. Sometimes, you can get punished for being nice.

6. High-standards are different from unrealistic standards.

7. Martial arts is not about fighting, it's about building character.

8. There's always a hint of prose in every poetry.

9. When you truly love someone, disrespecting them is never an option.

10. Everyone would leave you at some point. It's just a matter of when and how graceful you'd be when it happens.

11. Finding ways to turn your limit into infinite should be a life goal.

12. There must be a certain hunger inside of you that you would want to satisfy in order to keep moving.

13. Those people who are making fun of you as you talk about your biggest dreams are the same people who are too scared to chase after their own dreams. You shouldn't hate them, you should pity them.

14. Aim for an amazing life, not just an amazing job.

15. You can't take something out of your life all of a sudden and not miss it. Eventually, you'll seek it and try to fill that void with the next best thing.

16. Every scar has a hidden story.

17. You can lose the money but you can't lose the talent.

18. There are certain memories that you can't help locking into a song.

19. Walking towards something and running into something are two different things.

20. Anger kills.

21. "You are going to be terrible at everything at the beginning."

22. Painting is therapeutic!

23. "Self-care isn't selfish."

24. People would dig your authenticity. Stop trying to impress people and just do what you love.

25. It's okay to change your focus, dreams or goals.

26. You shouldn't be afraid to disappoint people because that's how you can filter the ones who are really down for you no matter what.

27. "Let the fear of self-doubt rise up but TAKE ACTION anyway."

28. "Vulnerability takes strength."

29. We should be ruthless with our actions, not with our words.

30. "If you are not growing, you are literally dying."

31. You can lose communication for quite sometime and things will still be fine, but if you lose respect, it's a downward spiral. 

That's it!

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has been a part of my journey to adulthood (hopefully that didn't sound shady in whatever way!). I have learned a lot in my 20's and I'm officially saying goodbye to that phase of my life. Like it or not, ready or not, it is indeed time to GROW. Hitting 30 felt like a test-drive to this adult life. But believe me, I'd still keep that same childish thoughts (and pranks!) with me and I'd still let the inner child in me go out and play from time to time. However, this new chapter in my life might be more about the adulting stunts that I've been trying to dodge throughout my 20's. It is scary, I sh*t you not, but that's the only way I know how to live. It's been a never ending cycle of getting scared, doing scary things anyway, shaking it off and eventually being proud of myself for hitting one milestone after another.

So, I hope you can still join me as I walk through this new journey! Thanks for reading my blog and getting a glimpse of what goes through my crazy brain every now and then! 


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