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It's been twelve days since the lock down was lifted here in Manila. Actually, we are still under General Community Quarantine - that means there are still some restrictions from moving and traveling around the metro. Social distancing is greatly observed, and we still have to strictly follow the 8 PM to 5 AM curfew, though private and public companies are starting to get back on track with a skeletal work force. The children and elderly people are still highly discouraged from roaming outside of their houses. The Philippine government said that as long as there's no vaccine for this virus, schools would remain closed.

With that said, I feel ecstatic to say that I'M BACK TO WORK! Hell, I missed my station, my office computer, my office building and that feeling of being productive! I know I used to complain a lot about feeling so tired from my long days at work before the lock down, but boy did I miss it so much! I think I've mentioned in one of my previous posts about how my anxiety kicked in during the first week of the Enhanced Community Quarantine here in Manila. That week actually reminded me so much of that time I was diagnosed for tuberculosis back in 2009 while I was having a medical exam for what was supposed to be my first job. If I really try to trace where my anxiety and depression originated, it probably started that time when I felt so helpless, pathetic and so 'behind' because my batch mates that time were already working and I was just sitting at home - taking medications for this disease I never even knew I had. The lock down certainly brought back a gloomy memory. I felt trapped and useless. Again, I felt so 'behind' because for more than two months, I was stuck at my dorm, unable to make enough money to pay my bills. (Can you hear my pride breaking into a thousand pieces?)

Don't get me wrong - I love staying at home! I love staying indoors! Those who have been reading my blog for quite some time, you know how introverted I am, right? But staying at home because I WANT TO and staying at home because I HAVE TO are two worlds apart - at least for me! But for more than two months, I chose to be a good citizen and did what the government ordered us to do. Now, I'm finally able to go out again, and even though I'm still crazy worried about the fact that the virus is still out there, these days I've been trying my best to keep calm and feel a little less stressed. Worrying is not going to boost my immune system, I know that! So, I've been trying my best to feel better and get back to my happy mood.

You guys know that I've been prioritizing self-love and self-care these days, right? I've been doing everything I can to prioritize my physical and mental health. These two are always linked together - you can't take care of one without taking care of the other. I might get a lot of eye rolls about how I treat myself, but, this is how I actually keep my sanity. I like taking care of myself - both my physical and mental well-being! I simply don't feel good if I don't look good. I used to hear people calling me vain or high-maintenance because of what I do and how I pamper myself. But if we don't take good care of ourselves, who else will?

For more than two months, I wasn't really able to pamper myself because I had to prioritize food. I made sure to save as much as I could while I was in quarantine and I kid you not but I felt like my food budget shrunk to about half of what I used to need prior to the lock down. I had to adjust! It was not easy and there were nights when I would literally cry because I had no idea if I would still have enough money to survive before the lock down is lifted. It was very scary being away from everyone I know and having that nagging voice saying I'll never see them again and I'm gonna die alone!  But, luckily, I survived that mental roller coaster and I'm somehow adjusting to the 'new normal'. But that doesn't mean I have to stop doing everything I used to do prior to this pandemic!

So, in an attempt to make myself feel better and get a sense of normality, and though it was really annoying to walk around my city with my mask on, I found my way to my favorite health and beauty store - WATSONS!

I use face masks when I can't afford or if I don't have time to visit a dermatology clinic. It's the least I can do to save my aging skin, yo! I buy different brands of face masks, but mostly Korean brands just like this one - Esfolio.  

Though I wasn't working full-time, I still managed to ruin my eyes by having ANIME marathon every day! I know that women my age normally get dark circles around their eyes because they are busy taking care of their families - especially their babies, but my reason for having dark circles is not that noble. Nope! It's really just the anime marathon! And I'm not even guilty! But whatever our reason is for having that dreadful thing under our beautiful eyes, I think it's best to do something about it. I normally use my used tea bags over my eyelids, but this eye patch from Body Treats works well, too. Pop it in the fridge for a few minutes before putting them on if you want to have a cooler treat!

I really hate the blackheads and whiteheads around my nose, so, from time to time, I use nose strips because I can't go to a derm clinic every time I feel grossed out with the dirt and grime on my face. This Megan Nose Strip is my go-to brand since it's very affordable.

For the super dry, humid and hot weather here in the Philippines, this is the only thing that's been working for me. This one doesn't have a fancy flavor nor too much chemicals because I've learned a few years back that lip balms are not supposed to have too much ingredients or flavor - the simpler the better! This one made the cut for me!

In attempt to religiously follow the 'Curly Girl Method', I'm sticking to the once or twice a week shampoo and daily conditioner. If I don't go out and I don't sweat at all, I don't even wash my hair to keep its natural oil. It's pretty hard to find to find products without SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) but for about a year now, I've been using Naturals by Watsons and my high-maintenance hair somehow loves it. Sometimes, I buy the hair mask and hair oil as well. I've tried the Argan and Coffee but I love Olive scent the most!

Another thing that I use to tame my crazy frizzy hair is this DIY hot oil treatment from Monea. I think I got these from Mercury Drug though. You just have to leave it in your hair with hot towel for about 15-20 minutes and voila! No need to go to salon! And I feel like I really won't be going to salons and other places now - again, unless we finally have a vaccine for this COVID-19!

Which reminds me of my last and best self-care product for now...

Since we need to boost our immune system during this tough season, I figured I could try this Vitamin C from a well-known brand that offers food supplements - both local and international. I've never been sick since the lock down - one thing I am deeply grateful for! I eventually started taking this along with USANA's Cellsentials, which I'm excited to talk about in detail in another post. Haha! These are my secret health boosters these days. I've tried quite a lot of supplements before but these are the most promising, so far!

I hope you guys are doing fine during the pandemic. I want to know how you guys are dealing with the 'new normal'. Are you working or studying from home these days? Let me know in the comment section down below!

I would love to hear from you!


  1. Me too, felt like i am so behind of life.

    Not because i got sick but just plain 'dindnt make it.'

    Whats keeping me sane is God is our ultimate provision👍🏻

    There is peace in His promises👍🏻

    1. Sorry to hear about that, but I feel like almost everyone's going through this 'Quarantine Fatigue'. You know what I'm saying? Lack of sleep, oversleeping, feeling irritated, lethargy, hopelessness and in my case - anxiety. It's like one wrong move and we could all fall into depression. Watching the news doesn't help. And just the mere fact that you don't have the freedom to do the things that you normally do anymore, that just sucks! But I'm glad that you have a way to cope with this crazy phenomenon! Let's take it one day at a time, cheers!


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