Aqua-mini Sennelier Review + Autumn Tree Demonstration

I wonder which part of the world you are from...

Here in my country, we basically just have two seasons - rainy and sunny! That's it. But, I was fortunate enough to experience autumn season twice when I was living and working in China back in my twenties. Being born and raised in a tropical country, you have no idea how thrilled I was when I experienced my first autumn and winter. It was amazing to see how the leaves are so brilliant and colorful one day, and then totally gone after a few weeks or so. Then, towards the end of November, you'd see those bald trees covered in snow. 

I have no idea when I can experience that again, but, through my art, I'm trying to re-live those moments. I got a new art vlog on my YouTube channel! And if you have some time, I would really appreciate it if you would check out my review of Aqua-mini Sennelier and a quick demonstration of an autumn tree. I actually made a summer tree as well, but I was able to film the process, but I posted it here so you can see it, too. 

Though I feel bad that I can't really go out and personally shop for art materials these days, I'm glad that there's still a way for me to explore new brands of paints, brushes and papers. I got this test pack set from an online store here in the Philippines called Art Nebula. That's where I got my second triangle brush as well probably last year. But you can get it from other online stores like Amazon or Shopee. You can check out my Instagram art gallery as well if you'd like to see my other artworks. 


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