ADIEU 2013, HELLO 2014!

Okay, so, I’m writing this post one hour and 5 minutes before 2013 ends. I’m literally on a clock here! Tick tock! Urghhhh!!! I’m not sure if one hour is enough to sum up what happened to me this year.

What really happened in 2013???

I was out with my colleagues a few hours ago, and while we were eating at KFC (in China!!!), I just blurted out IS IT REALLY 2014 tomorrow??? It’s still not sinking in. Yes, a lot of things happened this year, but December 31, 2012 feels like it was just last night! Why is that??!! Seriously? It’s December 31, 2013 now??? 

I started my year totally confused and clueless of what’s about to happen. And, a year after, I think I’m in pretty much on the same ground! Haha!

Here’s what I’ve been doing during the last night of 2012, as far as I can remember…

I was playing guitar (which isn’t even mine!), trying to put music on the songs I wrote. I recorded them in my very first smart phone. You can even hear the fireworks/fire crackers in the background of my recordings because that was almost midnight. I was alone in my dormitory because the other girls were either in their hometowns or at work. Well, there was one who just went out to go to church, so, I took advantage of that time to sing like crazy in our dorm room. I took pictures of my last purchases for that year – a white Converse and one F&H skinny jeans. Minutes before midnight, I went down and did the countdown thing with the caretaker of our dorm and my roommate who just got back from church. PARTY of THREE! Awesome! 

We had fruits, chocolates, cake and some soft drinks. I was texting and chatting like crazy. I was listening to my favorite K-pop band as well. It was pretty clear in my head to think that that was 365 days ago. Around 11 AM of January 1st 2013, I went out to have brunch with my sister, and that same day, I broke one of my New Year’s resolutions – not to buy clothes unless I REALLY NEED them. And I blame that very first day…for buying A LOT of clothes for the rest of the year!

Okay, seriously, going back to eve of 2012. If someone told me that I will be spending my next New Year’s Eve in China, I would just literally laugh out loud. Because A – I never dreamed of becoming an OFW. And B – I always thought that my very first international flight would be a world tour concert or something BIG, you know what I'm saying? Everything happened in a blast. It’s amazing and overwhelming and it makes me wanna yell out the window RIGHT this very second! 

Really, an hour is not enough but I’ll try to cover as many things as possible. I turned 25 this year. I cured one of my phobias. I had two minor breakdowns, an awesome (love) confession and endless song-writing moments. I fulfilled several dreams – going to Baguio, having my very own laptop, get on a moving plane, wear coats, boots and sunglasses at the same time, EXPERIENCE WINTER, play with snow and write my name in snow, have the salary I was only dreaming of earning way back when I was a teen, get the magical eye glasses (the ones that turns into sunglasses when you step out in the sun) and last but not the least, I got to ride a bike in China!

Of course they all came with a price. If you’re gonna ask if I’m crazy happy right now, I would have to say not really. I am grateful, YES! I am very thankful that I was able to fulfill these ‘dreams’ in like a blink of an eye. These things can never be taken away from me anymore; the happiness they brought me will stay with me forever. It’s also weird seeing a map of my country realizing I’M NOT THERE! I will never forget my very first plane ride - the take off! Whoah! It was like getting on an expensive and safe roller coaster.

It’s unbelievable, how I managed to stay alive after everything. But I’m thankful that at this very moment, right before the clock hits twelve, before 2014 kicks in, I’M STILL BREATHING and hopefully would continue to do so for many more New Year’s Eve. 

I am hundreds (maybe thousands?!) of miles away from my country, from my family and from my friends for the first time in my life, but I’m contented that there’s still a way for us to connect, to communicate.

Nothing much to say at this point, I'm JUST GRATEFUL for everything that happened for the last 365 days!


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