I bet 95% of the people who are currently employed usually fall into this crappy warp every week. 

Seriously, who doesn't want to spend more time with their pillows, blankets and warm bed on a friggin' Monday morning???

But believe it or not there are people who have somehow found their edge against this phenomenal nuisance - myself included. I haven't always lived like this. Just like you, I used to despise Monday too especially when I was a teen. I simply hate seeing the teachers' faces, submitting homework and talking to people when all I really wanna do is bury my head in my pillows. But come working years and all of a sudden I am a totally different person. (Sort of!)

I have always wanted to know what adults do and where on Earth do they go once they step out of the house. When I was a kid, I have tried dressing up many times (Yes, with make up on sometimes!) and walking out the door with shoes that are too big for me while carrying an empty handbag. I have always wanted to know what it feels like to be all dressed up and have somewhere to go to. But that ridiculously dressed up kid has nowhere to go. So, there I am, looking like a Project Runway-gone wrong, standing outside the door with no particular destination.

But everything changed the moment I stepped into the 'work world'. There were a lot less cranky moments and believe me when I say I thought I have gone crazy just because I do not feel the way most people feel on Monday mornings. Have I crossed over to the dark side? Why am I the only one excited to sit on that swivel chair? How many people could actually hear me singing in the elevator?

I dunno how and when have I ditched the idea that Mondays are evil as hell. I just found myself humming and sipping coffee one Monday morning while most people are ranting about it. I came to a point when it just simply became another day in my life - the sun would shine and it would set, that's it! But, I definitely heard a lot of doubtful tones, eye-rolls and wide-eyed stares every time people see me in a good mood on what was supposed to be a doomsday. They probably think I'm a traitor or something. Haha!

So, to clear this thing out and to prove that I have not crossed over to the dark side, I'd like to share with you guys my simple ways on how to kiss the legendary Monday blues away.

#1 Buy something nice for yourself that you could use on Monday

It does not matter if it's a simple pen, new colored post-it note, new hair clip, a new tie, new pair of socks, new shade of lipstick or new cell phone accessory. It doesn't have to be expensive as long as it is 'new', it will give you a little something to look forward to before Monday. Remember when you would have to go on your first day of school? Back then everything inside your bag is new, and it gives you the idea that school is gonna be cool. The idea is to get that kind of excitement too.

#2 Think how boring it is to simply stare at the wall and not see or talk to another human being

Now this might not be 100% applicable for me or to some introverts out there but for the extroverts who are always dying to socialize, this is a very good reason to be excited about Monday, especially if you live alone.

#3 Think about how much you want to swap stories with your pals at work

Imagine seeing the faces of your best buds at work (or school?). If you haven't seen them over the weekend you might wanna know how their weekend went, right? Whether you guys just stayed at home or went on a weekend trip, it's nice to chat about it over a cup of coffee or over lunch. Just don't do it too much during office hours! 

#4 Think that every waking moment is closer to payday

Do I have to stress this out more? It may not always be right, but, the power of money is so strong that some people live just to earn more of it without actually knowing what they'd do with all their extra cash once they have satisfied their needs and wants. But, for people who live and work to make ends meet, this would always be a red letter day.

#5 Have fun on weekends but not too much that it would cause you to curse Mondays

I know most people only have two days off, but believe it or not you are still lucky if you get two, because some people only have one day off in a week, while some have none at all. How do they find time to relax, recuperate and unwind? They usually don't, so, stop fretting about not having an extra day between Saturday and Sunday. Go on a trip if you can afford it, shop 'til you drop, drink all you can, go skinny dipping, have a movie marathon, pretend to be in a semi-comatose state, play the guitar 'til your fingers bleed, be cheesy with your boyfriend/girlfriend, act like a retard with your friends BUT never EVER let any of these make you call-in sick on a Monday. Just do your thing to create enough good memories that would make you smile in the middle of the day. You create good memories so you would know that life is not that shitty after all - that work and leisure can go hand in hand.

#6 Save for that very good cup of coffee! 

If you are anything like me who sometimes literally shake when I haven't had caffeine injected directly to my vein, then, you are with me on this. Whether it's a Starbucks coffee, 7 eleven coffee vend or any of your favorite local coffee, make sure that you get it through your veins before you can even sit on your work chair. It would definitely pump you up in a short time and the aroma would make anyone within a 5-feet radius feel awake as well. Not a fan of coffee? Then hot chocolate, tea or milk would do too!

#7 Keep in mind that it's just another day and it's NOT a big deal

It's really NOT that big a deal! The society just imprinted in our mind that Mondays are evil as shit. If you see it this way, actually you should be grateful that you had at least two days of rest before Monday. Do you get that on Tuesdays or Wednesdays? No! Tuesdays to Fridays are all squeezed in without breaks in between (unless there's a holiday). If there's any day wherein you should feel more alive, then it should be Monday! That's when your batteries are supposed to be fully charged.

#8 Pamper yourself once you make it through Monday

I don't have much ideas about how guys pamper themselves but for the ladies, I think you already painted a picture in your mind the moment you read the word 'pamper'. It could be in a form of a (body or foot) massage, DIY hot oil treatment or hair spa, manicure/pedicure, facial, dark chocolate, warm bath, healthy meal, meditation or simply going to bed early. Do anything that would make you feel really good. If you train your mind and body to do this routine, eventually, it would be something that you would absolutely look forward to.

There you go, I hope this might help you get rid of your lunaediesophobia! I'd like to know if you have other ways of kissing Monday blues away. If you do, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. 

I would love to hear from you!


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