So, I Finally Moved to Baguio!

July 1st, 2015 was the day I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams. I finally moved to Baguio, you guys!

I can't really say that it was all of a sudden; it's probably something that IS supposed to happen at this time and age. I strongly believe that. It might look like just an impulsive move even to my friends, but I have a feeling that it was carefully planned by the Higher Power.

Remember the first time I have been in this town? Yup, that was just months before I moved to China way back 2013. I remember being so bummed when I got back to Manila. I swore to myself that I would come back and LIVE in this town no matter what. I was actually planning on retiring here ever since I was a kid. I have always wanted to live in a cold place without leaving the country. And then I figured, why do I have to wait to be all wrinkled up before I move to one of my dream places? Why can't I do it now?

Honestly, there are a few people involved in this new episode of Cyndrel-loves-epic-shits. One of them has always been nagging me (for years!) about moving up here even though I have no idea what I would do once I arrive here. (You know who you are!) The other two are responsible for my employment in my new company and the other one sponsored my trip that led me to getting a once in a lifetime job offer. Well done Ninja Turtles!!! I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be! Thanks for the constant nagging, the vague 3-word recommendation, that crazy phone call while I was half-asleep one fine morning and the back up plan which turned out to be the only plan to get to that pot of gold. Everything was in perfect sync and that's probably why 'impossible' didn't stand a chance against us.


I still can't believe it actually. But it is real...this is really happening. I am surrounded by mountains and I am breathing fresh air and I don't need an air conditioning system nor a fan to get a good night sleep. Man, it's just freaking awesome!

It wasn't that easy though, physically and mentally. Coming up here just a few hours after my last day at my previous work was exhausting! No one believed I could pull off a stunt like that. Which is why it's so freaking awesome! Almost everyone's jaw dropped when I told them about what I'm about to do. It was like trying to pull off a magic trick that no other magician has ever done before. Will I screw up or will I be a legend? It was like literally a do or die experience. And honestly, I almost died! Haha~

When the clock hits 12 on July 2nd, I felt like I was in a semi-comatose mode. I was fucking exhausted and overwhelmed.

But here's what happened from the time I left my previous company:

June 30th
11:00 PM - I used the biometrics for the last time to log out. I walked with my colleagues towards the jeepney terminal.
11:30 PM - I got home and I hysterically packed the remaining 1/4 of my stuff before I took a quick shower.

July 1st
before 2 AM: We all headed out of my sister's apartment (me, Papa, sister and Kuya Megs - a family friend)

a little after 2 AM: We dropped by KFC and Papa made a ridiculous scene about the freaking Zinger that made me hide at the back of my cousin's van in fear of being associated with him whatsoever.

before 3 AM: I bought a ticket to Baguio that leaves at 3 AM but the 2 AM bus is still at the terminal with very few passengers so I got on it as a chance passenger.

between 3 AM to 6 AM: Updating my Facebook page, sending 'goodbye' text messages and trying to sleep whenever I turn my phone off and pee every time the bus pulls over. 

7 AM: I said "What the hell am I thinking? I'm fucking excited to sleep, so, just sit up straight and try not to ruin your spine, Cyndrel!"

This was my longest bus ride to Baguio. I was trying to save my money, so, I didn't get on the special bus that could take me here in just 4 or 5 hours. There are only two scheds for that every day, and obviously, I missed them, so I had to deal with the regular bus. 

I'm finally home~

from 7 AM to a little after 8 AM: Enjoying the awesome ride and the beautiful mountains I didn't get to see on my first, second and third visit in this town because I always arrive while it's still dark. If I leave Manila before midnight, I'd usually arrive here around 5 AM. 

around 9 AM: I got off the cab and walked through the gates of my new company.

I have to keep the other things that happened after that a bit private. But we can fast-forward to my new place!

My colleague lives in that first door. She's been living at this place for two years now and our bosses thought maybe I should check out her place too since it's very close to our office. Unfortunately, the other room in her unit has already been reserved, so, I had to check out the other unit instead.

There are three bedrooms in this unit, the other two are already occupied. I have two flat mates - a guy and a girl. I don't know much about them yet but soon I know I'll be telling stories about them as well. For now, I'd like to show you my favorite spot at my new home. 

Lunch date with a pine tree~

Rainy day breakfast~

My first herb~
Mountain of houses~
I have been in love with this place even before I have seen it. Now that I am actually living and working here, I have lost count of the internal cartwheels I have made. I'm still not used to the uphill climbs but it's one hell of a workout you guys! I feel like I don't even have to run or jog because I walk uphill on a daily basis!

Though I'm in a new town, I don't feel like a total stranger, first of all because I can SO relate to the country songs that I hear almost everywhere. I have no idea why they don't play those kinds of music that much in Manila. It's also obvious that I dig the temperature here. Yes, it feels a bit gloomy most of the time here because it usually rains in the afternoon. But that's a very good reason to celebrate the rare sunny days!


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