LSS: First Time Feeling (by Dan+Shay)

How are you guys doing?! I've been pretty much sucked into a different world again~ haha! This month has been pretty rocky but I'm proud to say I'm doing fine somehow. I've got loads to say about what happened recently but I have to find the right words so it won't sound too pathetic. Haha! In the meantime, I'd like to share with you guys the (country) song I've been crazy about for the last few weeks from these hot country duo (Dan & Shay). It's called First Time Feeling.
I've been listening to almost all of their songs from their debut album 'Where it all began'. I'm also addicted to their songs Nothing like you, Can't say no, 19 You+Me, What you do to me and Show you off. I know I say this a lot, but, I just love almost everyone from Nashville! Well, actually Dan was born in Pennsylvania and Shay was born in Arkansas. But these two met in Nashville, Tennessee sometime 2012. According to Wikipedia, they started writing (songs) the day after they met.

I freaking love the lyrics and the beat of their songs, I just can't help dancing around my room when I listen to them.

Let's see how HOT these guys are again, shall we?

The one on the left is Dan Smyers (born in 1987) and the one on the right is James Shay Mooney (born in 1991)


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