Hey guys!

As promised, here's another post featuring the City of Pines.

One of the famous tourist destination here in Baguio is the Botanical Garden. You'd normally see a number or cars and buses parked outside the Botanical Garden even on normal days, but if you come a bit early, you can actually feel the serenity of the place. It's just a bit chaotic near the entrance, but once you get past that, it gets better! Haha! Tourists love to have their photos taken with the old Igorots right outside Botanical Garden. I have no idea how much they charge for a single picture, I have never asked them to have a photo with me.

There's no entrance fee, so, it's a great opportunity for me to hone my (blog) photography skills. Yay!

My camera somehow takes good photos under natural light. These photos were obviously taken on different days though.

During my first few visits here, I never actually got to the top part where the lonely bridge is located. (That is not the official name of the bridge, I made that up!) But I figured it is a great spot for me to take self-portraits since it's a bit hidden! Haha!

I've always had that good-kinda-weird feeling about gardens. It probably started when I was really young and I used to watch Mary and the Secret Garden on TV. I do not have a green thumb though, I just love looking at the flowers, the green grass and I basically love the smell of morning dew. 

Do you like walking around gardens too? Have you been here before? If so, let me know about your experience walking around this not-so-secret garden! I would love to hear from you!


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