There is just something good about doing certain things as a reward for ourselves after a long day or rough week. For some, these things could be a way to relieve stress or a motivation to move on to a next task. Some people do these things just simply out of boredom. Guilty pleasures - two words, but I bet these words are attached to different things for different people. 

People find pleasure in different sorts of things, however, it's a bit embarrassing for us to admit that we do because sometimes, we think we indulge too much on these 'pleasures' to the point that they are somehow becoming an obsession. That's when the guilt kicks in!

Today, I'll be brave enough to share with you guys some of my very own guilty pleasures.

1. Eating cheesecake

I just simply love that creamy cheese melting in my mouth. It doesn't matter if it is NY cheesecake, blueberry, strawberry or oreo cheesecake. I love it and I will eat it. Also, whenever I eat cheesecake, I would think about that episode "The one with all the cheesecake" from Friends (Season 7, Ep. 11). I dunno why, but, that's what usually happens in my brain when I eat cheesecake.

2. Watching anime & reading manga

Otaku through and through, yes! That's what I am! I'm really just like a kid but instead of going home from school, I go home form WORK. But, yeah, the moment I get home I'd turn on my laptop to watch whatever new series I'm crazy about. If the series does not have a season 2, I'd read the manga!

3. Music on repeat (for about two weeks)

At times, I'd go through this vicious cycle of accidentally finding a new song, then the lyrics would hit me like a dart and I wouldn't be able to stand not hearing the music everywhere I go so I'd put it on repeat for about TWO WEEKS!

4. Sleeping with multiple pillows!

I always surround myself with pillows when I sleep or even when I'm just taking a nap at home. It kinda looks like a fort actually since I would also throw my blanket on the pillows that surround me. It's my protection from whatever crap is out there to get me. I am aware that no sane adult would still do this at this age, but, I don't really care because this is how I roll, yo!

5. Vlogs 

I take pleasure in watching other bloggers'/vloggers' life. They give me good ideas for my future vlogs. But before I started following my favorite vloggers, I used to watch a lot of Taylor Swift's vlogs actually. These days, I love watching Camie Juan and Corinth Suarez' vlogs. They are two of my favorite Filipino bloggers! I also watch fashion and lifestyle vlogs of Andy Torres, Natalie Suarez, Chiara Ferragni, Zanita Whittington and Elle from The Elle Next Door.

I also watch YouTube videos of Kev Jumba, Ryan Higa and Jeremy Lin. But there's a new one on my list. Have you guys ever heard of Wil Dasovich??? I don't have a TV, so, I have never seen him on TV before. It must be fate, because one day, I just stumbled upon one of his vlogs and I find it hard to stop since then. He's hilarious, man!

6. Caffeine

Okay, so, who doesn't crave for caffeine in this sleep-deprived society? I'm pretty sure I am not the only one guilty of this. Although my caffeine obsession was at its peak when I was working at a call center about 7 years ago. Haha~ Well, these days I'm crazy about that French vanilla from 7-Eleven. Whenever I am in town, I have to have it because the closest 7-Eleven from where I live now is about 25 minutes away.

7. Hearing an English accent

This is basically Harry Potter's fault. Haha~ I've been a Potter girl for quite a long time now and 50% of the reason why I love re-watching the Potter movies is because of the accent of the cast. I also love the way Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman, Kiera Knightley, Chirs Hemswoth, JJ Feild, Jamie Campbell Bower, Alex Pettyfer, Anna Wintour and Kate Winslet talk.

8. Dorky dancing

This is totally nuts but I really do a mandatory dorky dance when I feel like I did something cool. It's not that I can't dance, but, I want to dance like a total idiot just for the heck of it. I only do this when I know that no one is watching, so, you probably won't see me doing this. Ever!

9. Foot massage

Whether it's from a massage parlor or by myself, I simply dig foot massages! I love the acupressure on my feet especially after a long day of strolling around as if I am re-enacting a death march. Honestly, I think I care more about my feet than my face.

10. Marathon of TV series

Some series just never get old. This isn't a very good habit but I just couldn't help watching episode after episode of sitcoms. I would always love Friends, Two Broke Girls and How I met your mother. I also used to watch ALIAS, Charmed and Criminal Minds. These days, I've been watching Orphan Black, which is SO sick, man! The actress plays different roles. She's basically a clone, and there are more than 5 of her! From different countries! (I'm not yet done with this series, no spoilers please!?)

Do you see any of your guilty pleasures from this list? If not, would you mind sharing yours on the comments below?


  1. Chocolate consumption, mani/pedi, eating Ruffles or Doritos or Lays with dips, make up trials are some of my guilty pleasures!

    1. I have to confess, I'm guilty about mani/pedi and chocolate consumption as well! :P hahaha! Thanks for the comment!


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