ZUMBA: My Favorite Workout!

I admit, I'm a chronic dieter. 

I would usually just eat right and workout for quite sometime so I can fit into a dress that I want. Mostly for picture purposes. Yeah, that's not a very good idea, I know. Sometimes, I'm totally fine wearing sweatpants and over-sized sweaters, sometimes I'm not. So, if I want to pick myself up after hours or days of self-loathing drama, I'd do my favorite feel good workout - zumba!

I started doing this way back 2013 while I was in the middle of Winter depression. Haha~ But because of my work schedule then, I couldn't do it regularly. I have tried belly dancing, aerobics/cardio exercises and even tai chi way back in college up until my early twenties. I didn't really take classes, I just followed some DVDs and VCDs. The thing about working out is that, if you really want to do it, you can do it even at home! You just have to smash all your bullshit excuses and find at least 20 or 30 minutes of your day for it. I know the recommended workout time is about an hour which is 4% of your day. Well, if you can't spare an hour working out, how about 20 or 30 minutes then? That's still okay!

The thing about zumba is that it is SO much fun so it doesn't feel like a workout at all. It's got a good combination of high and low impact cardio. You gotta love the beat, the easy steps and just the mere fact that you are dancing would definitely put you in a good mood. It's pretty hard for me to do a workout that sounds and feels like hard work. It's hard to get excited about something that feels like 'work'. But zumba, for me, is different. 

When I was in Shenyang (in 2014), I had this very light schedule. I only worked for 3 hours then, so, I had an assload of time to do what I want. I don't usually workout at night, but during that time, I used to do my workout after my work. I'd get home around 8 in the evening and before I make dinner, I'd dance for 20-30 minutes first. I wasn't lifting anything (aside from grocery bags!) and I was barely running then (by running, I mean walking really fast because it's freezing outside!). Though I did some floor exercises after dancing my heart out. It was kinda like my cool down. Surprisingly, I noticed some changes in my tummy area in just about three weeks. That was the first time in my life I was doing zumba for like 5 days in a week though. It was awesome! Since then, I have associated zumba with that awesome feeling. 

I started doing zumba again and I hope I can stick with it for good. It's just that the weather here in Baguio makes me want to hibernate all year long! I'm trying my best to fight off the sluggish feeling especially on misty mornings.

If you live around Pasay or Makati, there are Saturday (and Sunday) morning aerobics and zumba workout sessions by the bay (behind Mall of Asia) and at Ayala Triangle. No need to sign up for classes if you are a cheapskate like me, haha! You just have to give some donations to the instructors or organizers. They do it for fun and so should you, it's a win-win situation! I've tried it several times with some friends and total strangers, but, if you don't feel like joining a huge crowd, you can simply follow DVDs or YouTube videos at the comforts of your home. You can also invite your friends to have a zumba party if you want. I also found more than two groups of people doing zumba/aerobics around Burnham Park (here in Baguio) one early morning. Maybe one time I'll try to join them~ haha!

Do you workout when you're feeling crappy too? Would you mind sharing your favorite workout routine?


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