My Current Hair & Body Care Products

Did you know that our skin is the largest external organ?

Our skin holds all our internal organs in. It protects us from heat, cold and germs, apparently. It is just right that we take good care of it, right? Checking out the latest bath soap or body wash has always been my (crazy) habit. I'm always excited to see if I'll find something that I would actually stick with. I actually just want a mild and gentle bath soap or body wash. I am always looking for something that won't dry my skin. I want none of those peeling action crap. I just want my skin to be clean and smooth. 

Today, I'll be sharing with you guys my current hair and body care products. 

A few months ago, I saw this Palmolive Naturals Calming Pleasure Body Wash while I was doing my grocery shopping. The pink bottle with images of sakura definitely caught my attention. So, I placed my normal mild soap back on the shelf and checked this one instead. I'm on my fourth bottle of this body wash now and I gotta say I really love how it smells and how it leaves my skin soft after every shower. The milk and cherry blossoms extract combination is just topnotch! I may have found the one that I would want to stick with for a long time!

Hair story:

I never the had the same hairstyle for 6 months in a row. Yes! I'm that crazy! My hairstyle changes with my mood and with my environment. I go from blonde to black in a matter of minutes, seriously! I know it's not a good thing to torture our hair like that, but, I really love changing my hairstyle AND hair color. It's a good thing I have tried this shampoo which apparently is another Palmolive product. I dyed my hair a few months back and I have done some re-touches as well but people only noticed my hair color recently. For the last two months they thought it was still black. I dyed my hair black (using henna shampoo!) last February, then, I eventually changed it to burgundy before trying two shades of brown. 

I actually bought just the shampoo first but since my hair gets really frizzy and so tangled up if I only use shampoo, I looked for the conditioner too. Now, these products claim to keep color-treated hair look more vibrant and I think they are doing a good job on my hair. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


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