September & October Favorites!

Happy Halloween y'all!

Two more months before we wrap up this year. Can you believe that? It's been two months now since I moved back to Manila and there are a lot of things going on in my life but I haven't got time to sit down and catch up with my brain. So, to scratch off one item from my pending blog posts, I would like to share with you guys some of my earthly possessions that I am currently digging. 

#1 EGG pouch (from my sister!)
This is kinda like a post welcome gift for me actually. Haha! Well, I really love the gray and pink color combination of this pouch. It also has that perfect grip for my tiny hands! LOL!

#2 Headset/Earphones (from my sister too!)
Yeah, you can say I'm a spoiled brat. I'm fine with it! No, but I definitely need these. See, I broke my huge DJ~ish headphones late last year, so, I bought a new pair of earphones on New Year's day (2016) while I was still in Baguio. I accidentally left them at my hometown (last February) when I went there to visit grandpa when he was hospitalized. Actually, I left my earphones at the hospital. So, I bought another pair to replace that but I ruined it again before I went back to Manila. I can only hear from one side of it. But now, I got these new ones and because MUSIC IS MY LIFE, you can say that I AM ALIVE AGAIN! Yay! (Thank you sestra!)

#3 Ankle boots
I've always been in love with boots. When I was a student, I felt like I'm learning more from school when I'm wearing boots. (I got no proof of that though Haha!) Well, I got these boots on super sale from Ollies. Yeah! These are kids' shoes! Did I tell you I got tiny feet?! My shoe size is 1 for American size, hihi! I can rarely find shoes with my size that doesn't have Barbie, Dora or flowery designs. When I saw this pair on display, I just knew I had to buy them. Why? Because it's Php 800 off! From Php 1499 I only got them for Php 699.

#4 Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick
Maybe I just felt like I am at that time and age when I am done with shiny lips. I've only been using this for a few weeks but I love how it makes me feel like I have my shit together when I'm wearing it. This is the only make up I am currently using, seriously!

#5 Palmolive products
I usually change my shampoo and conditioner because I feel like they lose their effect on my hair if I use them for a long time. I recently switched to Palmolive shampoo + Palmolive conditioner. Apparently these are good for colored hair. I wasn't the only one who noticed that my hair color is a bit more vibrant now. Thanks to these products! I am also in love with Palmolive Cherry blossom body wash. Though I haven't been anywhere near Japan, the smell of it gives me the illusion that I am in anime world! Haha~ Daisuki, honto ni! 

#6 Dumbbells
We got these dumbbells last September from Atmosphere, a small sports and music store near my sister's place. We bought this on a whim, haha! We actually came in for a guitar stand but we ended up with these babies too. I try to use them as often as I could!

#7 Chic nail polish (Silver dust)
I don't always put nail polish on my finger nails because I hate it when they chip and I don't have time to repair them immediately. But sometimes I don't want my nails to look so plain and rough too. When I see some ridges on my nails, I'll be very conscious of it the entire day. So, I got this Silver Dust nail polish just to give my nails a little sparkle. It looks light and I won't have to worry if they chip because it won't be too obvious. 

#8 Journal from Thailand!
I actually have a stash of blank journals now but I still can't help hoarding! Haha~ My friend Tin went to Thailand last September and got me this cool journal. I flipped out when she handed me this! How geek am I?

#9 Drawstring bag from Thailand too!
This came with the journal! I was carrying a smaller bag than this when my friend Tin and I met after her trip to Thailand. When she handed me this, I immediately placed my bag inside it! (Thank you so much duuuuuuuude!!!) 



  1. do need the boots...extra height, haha! besides, you're a country girl at heart.

    1. ahahaha! Yes po! City girl by birth but COUNTRY GIRL AT HEART!! Totally agree with the additional height it gives me too! haha~


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