January and February Favorites!

Hey guys!

How have you been?! I'm finally having some time to work on my blog again! Yay! Laying low on the meet ups for a bit until I can catch up with my pending posts! 

Today, I wanna share with you the things I've been crazy about lately. I wasn't able to post my November and December Favorites because that time, I got caught up with a quite a lot of adulting stuff. 

So...here goes!

1. The Rules to Break (by Richard Templar)

This book is actually not mine. I just borrowed it from my good friend Joy, who recently got married by the way. (Hi Joy! Congratulations duuuude!) I saw it once while I was hanging out at her work place late last year. I read a few pages and I felt like it's going to be a nice book I can read for coffee breaks. She was still reading it that time, so, I said I'll borrow it next time I visit instead. Along came February, she got engaged and would be taking a leave from work for her wedding. I figured she would be too busy with the wedding preparations, so,  I didn't hesitate to borrow the book this time since I already moved to my (semi) permanent dorm and realized I definitely would have time to read it now. Man, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Haha~ I feel like this book was written especially for me! As someone who is a bit skeptical about the rules the society has been feeding our minds, I feel like the words from this book are somehow giving me a little nudge and saying 'It's okay, I got your back!' It makes you realize that life does not have a cookie cutter. We can't all have the same dreams and follow the same way to achieve those dreams. We have to find OUR OWN WAY of living. 

2. Black Sling bag (from SLING MNL)

I've been looking for a decent black bag since I started working back in the city. Just a few days before my birthday, after my roommate and I grabbed some breakfast at Sinangag Express, we walked towards Cash n Carry mall and accidentally stumbled upon this stall called SLING MANILA. You can buy two of their cute and chic bags for Php 500!!! 

3. Curl Defining Milk

Heads up curly-haired ladies! I found this new magical hair cream that actually works well with my crazy curls! Haha! I'm always having a tough time managing my hair. I've been using different kinds of hair products just so I could tame my curls for as long as I can remember. You could buy this product at Watsons, Mercury Drug or at Cash n Carry grocery store. The cheapest one so far is at Cash n Carry! I got this big bottle for Php 98.

4. Lava Love Avon Lipstick 

That same day I visited my friend Joy, the one who lent me 'The Rules to Break', she also gave me an early birthday surprise! She said she was supposed to give it to me way back December, but since I was kinda busy, I didn't have time to see her. But it was fine because it was just in time for my birthday! Haha~ This saved me a few bucks actually. I was supposed to check out a new lipstick since the last matte lipstick that I got from Avon is about to give up on me anytime soon. Now, I don't have to worry about looking too pale! Thanks for this Joy!!!

5. White shirts

 So, I'm really trying to do this minimalism thing wherein I'd only wear neutral colored clothes. I've been stocking up on a lot of white shirts. I buy plain black shirts as well and classic white sandals and sneakers. There's something about white shirts that I've been loving lately. It's like you can't go wrong with a white top. It goes with almost any type of bottoms - pants, denim shorts and skirts. I love mixing and matching them to have that casual or semi-formal look, depending on my mood!

6. 365 Daily Mask (by Watsons)

Since I've been feeling a bit burned every time I walk down the street on my way to work, I felt like I owe it to my skin to give it a little extra care at night after doing my skincare routine. Sometimes, I even put them on in the morning or before going to work just to make myself feel better before I start doing my tasks. I believe making time to take care of yourself would definitely add something to your confidence. If you feel good, you would definitely produce good results for whatever it is that you have to do. 

7. All-in-One BB Cream (by Maybelline)

I only used a helluva make up on a daily basis way back when I was still an intern at a public school. That was about 9 years ago! I did that because I was required to wear make up. But I'd normally go with as little make up on my face if it's possible. First of all, I do not have the patience nor the talent of a make up artist. Second of all, I prefer to sleep longer instead of getting up early to doll up. When I started working, I was actually fine with just a moisturizer and a tiny bit of pressed powder if my face gets really oily. You would really just see me with full make upon during special occasions. If I have to do my own make up, just the eye shadow and lipstick would be fine. I skip the blush on since it only makes my cheeks look bigger~ haha! Anyway, the last time I used BB cream was probably 3 years ago, when I was living and working in China. I wasn't required to wear make up then, but I just thought BB Creams are great for hiding unwanted and annoying scars or spots. It's a nice quick fix somehow. I also think it's great to get that polished look without actually using a heavy foundation. I love how this Maybelline BB Cream blends well on my skin and it's really light so I don't get annoyed even if I have it on my face for the entire day. 

8. OLAY Age Protect 

Since I'm already in my late twenties (yikes!), I figured I should really take care of my skin to maintain the youthful glow. I'm already losing my energy, I can't afford to lose my youthful look too! I don't want my fear of 'growing old' to really come to life, so, I'd try whatever it takes to defy my age since I haven't really found my way to Neverland.

9. Journal from Venice, Italy!

Before my cousin went to Europe late last year, she asked me and our other cousins what we would like to have as presents/souvenirs. Off the top of my head, I requested for a tiny journal that would fit in my tiny bags. She already took a photo of this the day she bought it, but I only got it on the same day I moved in to my new dorm in the middle of January. What are the chances?! The cover of this cute journal was hand-painted and my cousin said they make unique designs for each cover so you won't find anything else with the same design. This is definitely something I could add to my growing number of journals! Grazie, Ate Jeng!


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