What I've Learned in 29 Years

It's that time of the year again!

I have been doing this for years and just because I got an assload of adulting sheez to do today doesn't mean I'll have to skip my yearly routine. This is my personal space, my tiny little corner. I plan to do this as long as I can. If I ever leave this world without prior notice, this blog is the only trace that would prove my existence - that once upon a time, I walked on this planet.

So, for the last few weeks, I've been keeping a mental draft of these things that I'd like to share with you again on my birthday. We can agree to disagree on some things, but if you can relate to anything on the list, feel free to post a comment and let me know about it! 

Here we go...

1. Respect can get you a long way.
2. Only time can tell who your real friends are. 
3. You will never feel alone with the right kind of music.
4. There would be times when people would stress the shit out of you, but you have got to chill and not let them win.
5. Holding a grudge is like patiently waiting for a bucket to be full when you perfectly know it's got a hole somewhere.
6. You can experience a hell lot of things and still go back to where you started if you want to.
7. You can't force someone to love you. (Even love potions wear out)
8. "More actions, less expectations"
9. Some friendships last forever.
10. You'd never learn how to be strong if you've never tried fighting alone.
11. For a writer, happiness could be as simple as pen and paper.
12. The only way to really get to know people is to know their back story.
13. Good manners will never go out of style.
14. Some people might like you and admire you but they won't actually love you. 
15. It's possible to break a bad habit especially if you replace it with a good one. 
16. Diamonds in the rough are still diamonds.
17. You have to tell people how you really feel because sometimes, you won't get another chance to say what you mean.
18. Prejudice exists!
19. Health should be prioritized. 
20. You are never too young or too old to start a new hobby.
21. Warming up is necessary - for workout and for a conversation.
22. You shouldn't expect a 5-star service from a fast food restaurant.
23. The appropriate response when someone says 'Thank you!' is 'You're welcome!'
24. You have to read/know all the options first before making a choice.
25. Home is wherever you feel happy and wherever you feel like you don't have to be someone else.
26. Looking at your country's map and realizing you are not there is one of the weirdest things ever.
27. No matter how long it's been, you'd still feel inferior to your teachers.
28. If you want to stand out, you gotta do something that only YOU can do.
29. Some things are meant to be unlearned.

Last November 2016, I was lucky enough to spend a day at my grandparents' place. My grandparents thought I would freak out at the sight of our hideous backyard. Since Lolo (Grandpa) had surgery, they've been having a tough time tidying up the place. But since I am sick and tired of the heat and pollution in the city, I still find this place 'heaven'. These photos were taken at my grandparents' backyard, this is where I used to play when I was a kid! Back then, this used to be my kingdom! 


  1. OMG! You're 29? Hihi. It really doesn't show. Anyway, thank you for sharing these secrets to adulthood, Cyndrel. I love them! I read it just in time for my adulting project.

  2. Hehe~ thanks for reading it!!! ^^ I started doing this when I was 23~

  3. I think I should start writing too! Happy birthday my long lost best friend!

    1. Hi Debbie!!! Writing has always been my favorite therapy! Thank you so much for reading this and for looking for me all these years~ hahaha! See you soon! ^^ We've got LOTS to talk about~

  4. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! Many good things will come your way, so always be fit as a fiddle ^ ^).

    1. Thank you so much IB! ^^ I appreciate how you always make time to read my posts~

  5. Your grandparents' garden looks like the one in Arrietty! :-D

    1. whoah!!! I love that movie!!! Maybe I am Arrietty in human form? hahahaha~ :) Thanks for making time to read this, Liz!


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