Life Lately: Caffeinizing, Dancing & Dating

What's up, guys!

Entering the last quarter of the year, my my my where did time go??? A lot of things (and thoughts!) have been taking my time these days. I'm trying my best to be productive and I've been trying to update this blog as often as I could. Sometimes though, poor Internet connection gets in the way so I'd end up being frustrated AF. Being frustrated means walking away from my laptop and heading to the nearest 7-Eleven, Family Mart or on rare times, Starbucks to get my mandatory caffeine supply.

Well, somehow, I found time to post about my life lately! Yay! So, here's what's been happening the last few months.

Meetups with friends!

Since I moved to another company last June (YES! I changed my job, AGAIN!), I've been having a tough time meeting up friends over the weekend. My days off are Thursdays and Fridays. This is not new to me. When I was in China, I only had one day off, remember? ONE! Damn it! But back then, I couldn't simply meet my friends when they're around the area anyway, so, I was quite fine with it. I didn't have much of a life while I was there. 

But now, I really appreciate the fact that some of my friends are doing their best to meet me up for coffee dates at indecent times of the day and inappropriate days of the week. Haha! (Love you guys!)

Meetups with my parents

I have visited my parents' house quite a few times this year. I haven't done that in like 5 years. Ever since I was 18, I was out of my parents' house. I could be the society's definition of a rebel, but I see myself more of an independent little female dude trying to take control of her own life. Before 2017, I'd only see my parents once or twice a year (at a relative's house), that's it! And I'm fine with that. I got a lot of growing up to do that does not involve adult supervision. We all learned a lot somehow in those years of not living under the same roof. I have no intention of moving back but my Grandma says I should visit my parents more often and I should try not to hold on tight to whatever grudges I have against them if I want to live a more prosperous life. I only listen to Grandma, so, I'm just doing what she told me to do. Not bad, actually. But I just can't stay with them for more than 24 hours. 



There's a new member in our family, by the way! I became an aunt more than a year ago but I only met this little dude last February, before I turned 29. So, every time I visit my parents' house, I spend a few minutes (nope, not hours!) playing with him! I can't wait for him to grow up big and strong so I could kick and hit him the way I kick and hit his dad (my younger bro!). When he's old enough, I will take him shopping so he could carry my shopping bags for me! Hahaha! (If you are reading this in the future, Little Dude, know that this is the only way I know how to show my love for you!)

Dance lessons

I finally had the guts to get back in the dance floor, yo! But I'm not doing zumba or hip hop. There's this tiny gym near my dorm and I tried it once and I keep on coming back whenever I have time or when I feel like it. I didn't sign up for the 12-session package (I got commitment issues!) I just pay Php 160 every time I take an aero-dance lesson which is good for one hour. It's great to dance in front of the mirror!!! Haha! Though it's a bit weird to see how much my body has changed - so different from my cheer leading days.

Geeking around

I bought TWO new books recently! The first one is "Behind the Blog" by Kryz Uy, a Chinese blogger living in the Philippines. In this book, she talked about the real things that she has experienced throughout her blogging career. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should! I especially love her post "Women have expiration dates?"

The second one is the phenomenal, game changer book called #Girlboss. I've been watching quite a number of YouTube videos of Sophia Amoruso - the founder of Nasty Gal. Her story is just so inspiring and her words are empowering. She is a living proof that your education has pretty much nothing to do with your future success. She proved that you don't really have to go to business schools to be a successful entrepreneur. You just have to have FOCUS and incredible amount of PASSION for whatever it is that you choose to do. Since she's been talking about her book in most of her interviews, I decided to look for it in bookstores. Can you imagine the look on the salesperson's face when I asked for this book?

The conversation went like...

Me: you have Sophia Amoruso's book, #Girlboss?
Salesperson: The business book?
Me: Yes!
Salesperson: We got it right here, follow me...
Me: *walked behind her*
Salesperson: This IS a BUSINESS book...
Me: Yes, I know. Thank you!

I finished reading her book in one week. For a very slow reader like me, that was quite fast! 

Movie dates

I know you've probably been wondering if I'm even seeing someone lately. I don't normally post love stuff (LOVE STUFF?!?) here on my blog, but for the sake of your curiosity, yes, I am dating someone! Not gonna go into details for now, but all I can say is that I'm having a great time with him every time we go on movie dates. 

"We go on normal/typical butterfly-inducing dates whenever we have some time" - is what I'd like to say. 

But in reality, if you see us, we don't actually look like we are on a date because we basically LOOK LIKE kids cutting classes, spending our parents' money as we roam around the mall on a weekday. We make fun of everyone and we simply find humor even in the tiniest thing. It is totally different from the romantic dates you'd normally see in movies. No cheesy, dramatic lines nor formal language. It's awesome! The catch is, he lives in a different city, so, it's pretty challenging to meet him up all the friggin' time. Some people say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". We'll see!

So, how have you been?


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