What I Usually Do on My Unblogging Days

There are days or weeks when I would have zero posts here on my blog. If you ever wonder what I usually do when I go MIA, well, I'm here to spill the beans hoping you'd forgive me if I try to spend more time in the 'real world' than in the blogosphere.

#1 Sketching

Disclaimer: I just do this for fun! 

I do not have any plans of being an animator in the near future. I just love sketching animated characters and I've been doing this since I was like 13. I have to admit, I am from a family of artists (Yes, most of us are talented, creative AND broke!) If you compare my 'artwork' to my siblings', you will laugh your ass out. I'm not very good with the details of the faces, so, I usually do side views or back shots. I sketch whenever I am in the mood. There's no particular schedule, but I normally find myself doing this while I'm taking afternoon coffee breaks at work or after midnight, like right before I go to sleep.

#2 Thrift shopping

I have mentioned in one of my previous blog posts before that I am trying to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, right? I'm trying to stick with that. I still buy some clothes from the malls but most of the time, I enjoy digging through second-hand stores around my city. Yeah, I know most people find it gross, unhygienic and just plain cheap, but I don't care even just one bit! I'm earning my money so it's totally up to me how I'd spend it. Yes, I splurge on food, skincare and underwear, but I love finding unique tops, bottoms or dresses from second-hand stores. Fortunately, I found one very close to my dorm.

If the Internet connection at my dorm starts to get crappy, know that this is where you could find me!

#3 Food tripping

My main reason for working out is so I would have zero guilt whenever I eat. I want to enjoy my food. Though there would be times when I would try to detox by eating just oatmeal and fruits, know that I'd always crave for real food and cozy restaurants. I usually eat out on my own but if I could drag a friend with me, that works too!

#4 Anime binge-watching

This is what's taking most of my time when I'm not blogging. There's just way TOO MANY anime shows to watch and I only got two days off. What a shame, right?! These days, I've been watching Fairy Tail. Do you know this anime show? Aside from Bleach, this is the only anime with more than one hundred episodes that got me totally hooked! The short ones (usually shoujo anime) only have about twelve to twenty-five episodes. 

The crazy cast of Fairy Tail!
There you go! If you don't hear from me that much, I'm probably doing one of these things. Doing these things keep me sane. I need a good balance between writing and real life. I get crazy migraine attacks when I stay in front of the computer for too long, so, I know I need to take breaks. (Though anime binge-watching doesn't help that much in curing my migraine!) But walking outside, shopping, haggling, chatting with friends and unleashing a little bit of my artsy side - they are very helpful in setting my mood for my mandatory blogger moments. 

If you're a blogger too, I'd like to know what you usually do when you are taking a break from tinkering your blog. If you're not, what do you usually do when you take breaks from your work or school life? I'd love to read your answers in the comments' section below!


  1. Wow! You're actually good at sketching. Wish I had that talent so whenever I have nothing to write about on my blog, I just draw something!! :D

    I'm such a homebody and when I'm not blogging, I play SIMS 4 and write on my bullet journal. Currently, I binge watch The Gossip Girl series. I know I'm years late but whatever, right? :)

    1. Hi there, Arianne! (I spelled it right, right?) Thank you so much for checking out this post and for sharing about the things you do when you're not blogging! It's really nice to have marathons of our favorite series or movies, I still watch FRIENDS sometimes, haha!

  2. I'm also into sketching anime characters and watching anime. I wouldn't call myself a blogger -- but I think I am a writer. So, to answer your question about what I do to take a break from work. My first answer would be to read tomes of fantasy books (the ones that range from 600-1,000 pages). In addition, here are other ways I spend my break from "real life" would be to buy books, go to malls with friends and watch movies with them :) And hey! you're one of my friends I hang out with when we have the time to do so :)

    1. I guess sketching was in our DNA before we can even say anime! Haha~ anyway, reading is a great way to fuel your writing, so it's a win-win situation because you get to 'escape' and at the same time still hone your skills even if it seems like in a passive way. I can't wait for this pandemic to end so we can hangout again!


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