Unfancy Shirt #1


I wanna start this series on my blog wherein I would share with you my latest fashion finds under Php 500. This is part of my "minimalism" gig that I've been trying since last year. I'll try my best to post about my new found gems. 

I love dressing down especially when I'm not working. I feel more comfortable moving around or lounging in casual clothes. I do wear body-hugging clothes, but, I can breathe more when I'm wearing something loose. So, I'd like to share with you guys one of my current favorites. It's a simple gray top from Bench. I got it on super sale! My friend and I got 3 tops (2 for me and one for her) one time we were walking around Bench at Glorietta. I've been buying quite a lot of minimalist shirts and skirts and I just try to mix them up to get that French chic kinda vibe. My color palette is somehow becoming limited to white, black and gray.

What's your favorite style when you dress down? Share your all-time favorite rig when you're just lounging around or hanging out with your friends!


  1. Mee too!!! Love comfy clothes :)

    1. They're the best especially when you are having your sacred blogger moment, y'know - editing days! haha!


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