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I've gone MIA again for quite some time, but I'm back! Woohoo! I wonder what you guys are up to for the last few weeks of 2017. Anyway, I got this new post for you which maybe a little different from what I normally post. Nevertheless, I still hope you'd learn a thing or two from this. 

I have no idea when normal people start dating, but I do know that there are things that both men and women hope to get out of it. I also know that dating doesn't always have to end in marriage, but it is definitely a learning experience and somehow the first stage leading to it. Either way, it should be a fun thing to do, right? It should be something you look forward to. 

So, I made a short list here of the things women want from the men they are currently dating. Hopefully this could an eye-opener for my male readers out there! 

1) Compatibility

It is true that opposites attract, however, when you are looking for someone you would want to spend your time with, I believe it is also important to have at least a few things in common. It would be so much better if you have similar ways of dealing with things. You wouldn't want to get into an argument just because you can't agree about which movie you'd like to see or what you'd like to have for lunch. It would be nice to go out with someone who sees things the way you see them. But if not, well, women want to be with someone who is willing to compromise once in a while. Yes, men should normally be in control but we will definitely dig your flexibility! 

2) Ability to keep their word

Nobody wants to be with Mr. Flaky, you know - someone who can't walk the talk. That's a HUGE turn off. First of all, it's disrespectful to waste someone else's time unless you are paying them for hanging on to your every word. Don't say you'd like to go out with her if you really don't plan on doing so. Now if you are lucky enough to get a date with an awesome woman despite her crazy schedule, the least you can do is keep your word and be there. Being late is one thing, but canceling is another. There's a pretty good chance that you won't get another shot if you dare to cancel on a date, especially a first date. Now, if you want to be the most hated villain in her life, try standing her up!

Women love it when you actually do what you say or more than that. We might just go head over heels if you say you'll be on time, but actually, you were there ahead of time. Under promise, over deliver, not the other way around!

3) Communication skills

Remember the saying "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." That couldn't be more true. Most men hate being nagged. Well, guess what? We hate that too! But that doesn't mean you can't call us on our bullshit once in a while. You can totally get a woman to listen to you IF you use the right tone. Use your charm and talk softly to her - especially if it's just the two of you in the room. You would earn her respect if you keep showing her that you are respecting her even if she's being unreasonable. Feel free to use your humor as well to ease the tension. If you can't get away with being serious, then, be funny! Never ever talk down to her like she's living off of your salary (She's not!). You got a slim chance of winning her heart or attention if all you ever do is talk and act like an ass. Use your words properly. Bonus? Love letter never fails! I know guys are not quite good with words - let alone written words, but, a love letter is a surefire way to melt a woman's heart.

4) Hobbies/Passion

We also wonder what you do in between work, hanging out with your friends and our dates. Seriously, what inspires you? If you're not on a date with us, what do you even do? There must be something that you are passionate about and it would be nice if you talk about them once in a while. This is the part of your life that you should brag about even a little. We'd love to see you doing your thing. So, you love to play basketball? Take us to one of your games and give us a chance to cheer for you! Are you a musician? Take us to one of your gigs! We would love to see you doing what you do best.

5) Trustful/Permissive

Nobody wants to live in a cage. We really do love spending time with you, but, don't make us feel like our world should only revolve around yours. Since we're cool about you showing off while you are doing your thing, it would just be fair if you let us do our thing as well. Before we met you, we already have friends and hobbies and other fun gigs we regularly attend to, so, it is unacceptable if you would act like a selfish brat and not let us do these things just because we are going out with you. We have to be grown up enough to realize that since we are only at a dating stage, it is quite impossible to give 100% of our time exclusively to you. We get suffocated too, so, you must give us enough space to make us miss you.

Let us go out and have fun with our lady friends (a.k.a our support system) and try to inflate our ego a little bit when we are about to do some epic shits in our personal or professional life. We would love it if you try to compete with our mom (or dad) as our number one fan.

There you go! 

If you're a guy and you're wondering why I haven't mentioned anything about physical looks, well, let me remind you that men and women are wired differently. We don't scan guys for 5 seconds and make a final judgment about them. We are not visual creatures. We need to know what its like to eat, laugh, talk and walk with you before we can actually make a decision to be with you. If we agree to go on a first date with you, it means we are totally fine with how you look. But that doesn't mean you can show up looking like trash on dates. Just be clean, be cool and try to be yourself, because we don't want to end up having a relationship with a guy who is totally different (in a bad way) from the one we dated. 

If you're a woman, please let me know if you agree with me about the things on this list, or if you have other things in mind that I haven't mentioned here. I would love to hear something from you!


  1. Well...reality sucks! Harhar! What I wanted from those men I was dating during my "heyday" (wow, heyday!) wasn't the CARacter nor PESOnality but the real character and personality that I would use for me to find myself relaxed and comfortable while spending time with them. Definitely, everything starts from there.

    1. Yes yes!!! Those two words sum it up - relaxed and comfortable! I realized that if I can't be myself when I'm around them, then it's not going anywhere! Haha~ Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this topic even though it was a bit different from my usual blog posts. I'm just taking this time to grow (is that still possible?) and get to know myself better and I'm loving it! One day, this 'heyday' will be over and I will be writing about different things by then. But for now, this is where I am - this is where I'm supposed to be.


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