January Favorites!

Hey guys!!!

I'm so happy and excited because I finally had the time to sit down and write my first blog post for 2018!!!

The first few weeks of January was a bit tough but I'm getting along fine. I hope you are doing fine too! I already have a lot of drafts in my head, but let me start with my January favorites first. 


The number one my list is this kawaii (cute) journal that I bought last December. I figured I should use a new journal for the new year. Though I still have a lot of unused journals, I ignored those started using this one instead! Haha~ Why? Well, it's got the famous line from the movie Cinderella, that's why! I love writing down my thoughts on my journal. I even bring it with me at work since it is small enough to fit inside my bag. I also bring it with me when I'm meeting up my friends, you know, in case I have to wait for them at a coffee shop for a few minutes or so. This is where I write drafts of my blog posts too. 

Next one on my January favorites is this hand and foot salve from Human Nature. Lately, I feel like I'm becoming obsessed with hand creams and other moisturizers. I'm taking advantage of the fact that my guitar is not within my reach, so, I don't have to deal with callous-y fingers most of the time. Anyway, I'm loving this strawberry-scented salve. I actually bought a small bottle of orange-scented hand and body lotion last December from my friend who sells Human Nature products. It never fails to put me back in the mood (to work) every time I use it. I was so scared that I'd run out of it, so, I browsed the brochure and ordered another moisturizer. This one is actually as good as that, though this one is a bit more expensive. But...I can use it on my tortured feet at the end of the day too, so, it's still worth buying!  

The third item on my list is this nude bag that I got on 50% off at Landmark before New Year's eve. I've been looking for a bag that would match my nude block-heeled sandals, and...voila! Found it! Yay! I just hope I can find something like this in black as well so I can add it to my minimalist wardrobe. This is definitely my current favorite office bag since it goes well with my dresses, skirts and even denim jeans.

Speaking of nude...I finally found my perfect nude lipstick! I've been looking for that Carrie Bradshaw kinda shade for quite sometime. I was ecstatic when my order arrived. I was tempted to use it immediately but I tried my hardest not to in the name of blog photography! Haha~

My next favorite item is something my best friend got for me last Christmas (on an impulse). After visiting my parents, I had dinner with her, followed by our mandatory shopping. While we were looking for her facial wash at Watsons, this thing caught our attention! Haha! She knows I'm fond of statement shirts, but this one has a bit of a twist. So, she told me to take it (and she'll pay for it) so that I would have a daily reminder to "ENJOY THE MOMENT" every time I hit the shower. I actually got about 4 or 5 shower gels as Christmas presents but this one is my favorite. 

Now, just because I'm busy on a semi-daily basis doesn't mean I won't make time to feed my brain (and sometimes, soul). I haven't been reading a lot of blogs recently since every time I get off the phone (remember, I talk for a living!), I would take even a few minutes to have a radiation break. I already have a horrible eyesight and I don't want to make it worse. So, any chance I get to take my eyes off the monitor, I would take it and switch back to traditional reading. One of my friends recommended this awesome book called "When God Writes Your Love Story".  Before I read this book, my friend kept saying that Eric Ludy and I have pretty much the same writing style, and now I know why! I've been looking for this book since late last year, but, no luck. Another friend suggested checking it out from Carousell, so, I did! I got my copy for only P100!!! It's a pre-loved book and I had to meet the seller at Mall of Asia, but it was totally worth my time and money! 

I'm not sure if you know about this, but, I've been addicted to the Japanese animation BLEACH since 2009. I finished reading the manga (comic) last 2016 and I re-watch the series whenever I get bored with my real life. It's nice to visit Soul Society from time to time, you know? When I was a teen, when I get addicted to a particular anime, I would normally buy any merchandise that has the name, photo or figures of my favorite characters from my favorite anime shows. I don't mind starving to death, as long as I could buy posters, action figures and texts (tiny photos). Now that I'm out of my parents' house and I am making my own money and most of the time I can go around without adult supervision (wait, what?!), I have more freedom to get on with my OTAKU life, yo!

So, back to BLEACH, I got a Rukia funko pop toy during the last day of 2016 as a gift from one of my friends. And...on the last day of 2017, I got Ichigo Kurosaki funko pop toy as a reward for making it through another epic year. Wheew! Boy, it was really hard to find Ichigo! During my days off (yes, even if I am on a date!), I would go through every Comic Alley or Filbar's just to check if they have an Ichigo toy. Fortunately, that same friend who got me Rukia funko pop toy found one somewhere at Festival Mall. It took me months to get it from her, so, when I finally got it, I slept that night with the toy right next to my pillow. I'm not even kidding! 

Last, but absolutely not the least, is my customized blogging shirt that says "Internet Princess". I told you, I love statement shirts! I also love the fact that I can add this to my minimalist collection. I've been checking out a lot of statement shirts on Pinterest but this one seems to be the most appropriate for my current life. I'm planning on making another one in black, and if I could, I would like to add my own design on it. 

There goes my January favorites! I would love to hear about yours! If you got some free time, don't forget to share your current favorites with me! 


  1. 😊 yey new postπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    I really like the nude lipstick but wondering if it last the whole day?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    1. Hi there Gigi! Thanks for checking out my first post for 2018! Haha! About the nude lipstick, not quite sure yet if it would last for an entire day. I normally use it on my way to work, then before I start working, I'd apply red lipstick over it. I need a dark shade when I'm working because I talk in front of a camera. Haha~ :)

  2. Really love this post, Cyndrel (haha, you know why!!) :D

    1. Haik! Thanks for always making time to read my posts, sempai! :)

  3. Always love coral lipstick! I read the book When God writes your love story and it's given by my aunt 2 years ago, a must read book for all singles.

    1. Yesssss! Coral lipstick is still my favorite when I have to talk in front of the camera, but for laid back days, I switch to nude shades! About the book, it was recommended by Liz-sempai actually! She keeps on saying that Eric Ludy and I have pretty much the same writing style. Hahaha!


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