LSS: End Game by Taylor Swift

Not sure if I've pointed this out before, but, I'm a big fan of Taylor Swift. I've been listening to her songs since 2008. I even listen to her unreleased songs! I was motivated to learn how to play guitar because of her. I have learned to love country music even more because of her. Well, we all know that she's back with a brand new album and though I don't have a copy yet, there's this one song from her album (Reputation) that's been stuck in my head. It pretty much explains my current mood these days!

It's called END GAME, featuring Ed Sheeran and Future. 

Here's the music video:

Though she's back with a new sound now, the lyrics of her songs are still epic. Those words and lines that you'd keep singing over and over for how many days (or weeks), that's what makes her different! Her song-writing style is simply unbeatable and incomparable. I love it when she does acoustic versions of her songs from her albums RED and 1989. It's really different when it's just Taylor and her guitar up on stage or even in a crowd of ten or twenty. But I'm learning to love this new Taylor Swift too! People change; people grow up. We meet different characters as we go on our journey and we experience a hell lot of new things. Not everyone is happy about this "new Taylor" but as a fan and a music geek, I'll always be here to hear her out. (I mean obsessively listen to her songs until I fall asleep!)

I dig the other songs from her new album such as Call It What You Want and Gorgeous. But if you ask me about my ultimate favorite Taylor Swift song, it has to be OUR SONG from her very first album. 

Here's an acoustic version of it:


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