Hey guys!

This is part two of "Getting to know me" series. This is the part wherein I'd share twelve random things about myself! The first one came out two months ago, if you haven't seen it yet, please click here.

For this post, I'm wearing one of my old favorite New York shirts. This is my typical go-to rig especially when it's about 34 degrees outside. Nowadays, you'd usually see me wearing my favorite pair of sunglasses too. When I get off work at high noon, these sunglasses are necessary! 

1) I love white shirts.
2) I am a very picky reader.
3) I first learned how to play guitar when I was 16. 
4) I love ANIME!
5) I was born in Manila but I also spent some of my childhood years in Bulacan.
6) English is not my first language. 

7) I love collecting cute journals!
8) I am not good in public speaking, debate or anything that involves speaking in front of a crowd.
9) I've been a Potter girl since I was 13.
10) I lose my temper when I can't find time to read or write! (Haha!)
11) I'm a shopaholic on her road to recovery.
12) I dig country music!


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