Hello guys!

I wanna start a new series on my blog so that if there are days when I can't figure out what to post, I'll use this as a filler instead. How's that? For every "Getting to Know Me" post, I will write twelve things about myself so you would realize that I am not just a name and face on the Internet. I am a real human being. 

If you are new on my site, WELCOME to my noisy mind! If you've been reading my blog for quite sometime, I'm pretty sure you already know some of the things from this list. But it would be nice if you would still get to know me better! goes!

1. I am OBSESSED with coffee and coffee shops. 

2. I am a frustrated artist.

3. I love writing down my thoughts in cute journals.

4. I love talking about LIFE. 

5. I have a dry sense of humor. 

6. My favorite Taylor Swift song is "OUR SONG". 

7. I don't have a credit card. 

8. I will always choose skincare products over makeup. 

9. I hate ketchup! 

10. I love strawberries! 

11. I love wearing boots! 

12. I get my energy from nature. 

These photos were taken at a park near my office building. I've been chilling at this park since 2011 - when I first moved to this city. I used to run around the perimeter of this park, but these days, I just couldn't find time to do that. (Lame excuse, I know!) My sneakers are kinda old too, (another lame excuse!) so, maybe if I can get a new pair, I can start running again! (We'll see!

Do we have some things in common? Feel free to share something about yourself too in the comments' section below. I would love to hear from you!


  1. You forgot to love to munch on cashew nuts and almonds, just like ME! :)

    1. Ahahahaha! Our power food! :) Thank you SO much for making time to read this and for posting a comment, JVK! I will send you a link of my Top 10 Obsessions which I posted waaaay back 2013.


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