My Latest Minimalist Piece

Guess what? There's another piece (of definitely not crap!) added to my minimalist stash. I do have quite a lot of black and white tops, but, I'm still trying to get a bit more 'grays'. You won't believe how I got this top though! Hahaha!

So, this morning, my sister was bragging about her "new finds" from the thrift store near her apartment. I'd say it was a big mistake to do that right in front of me, because in less than five minutes, HER new top became MINE! Well, she bought two tank tops, so, we just had one each. Problem solved! (Without bloodbath) Woohoo! I also forced her to take these photos by the way! (I'm a brat, I know!) 

I paired it with a dark blue denim jeans from our cousin (Hi Ate Sarah! What's up?! I'm wearing your jeans!). You'd rarely see me in jeans, especially at work. But lately, I feel like I need to wear them more often because I'm gradually losing my waistline! I loooove wearing dresses but I tend to eat more than what this tiny body needs when I'm not wearing jeans with belt. Urgh!

The fabric is SO comfy. Also, Manila's heat is at its best these days. It's an absolute must to find weather appropriate clothes. It was a fun and quick Friday shoot! And for a change, I didn't have to use my rusty tripod! (Insert definitive laugh!) 

I dig the print in front, well, actually anything that says NEW YORK on it. My sister always says my resting b*tch face belongs in New York, as well as my annoying rapid speech. I always take it as a compliment. Hahaha!


  1. I know this post is about the tank top but the shades got me. Hahaha! Well, I'm actually surprised you used tripods in other photos. Gotta learn that skill. lol

    1. Hahahahaha! Guess that already answered your question "Who takes your photos?" eh? We live in a world wherein almost everything is DIY-able. (Did I just create another word???) Also, I got a lot of impatient friends, so, I have to be friends with a tripod! :D


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