Life Lately: Keeping My Head Above Water

First quarter of the year is about to end, I wonder how you guys are doing these days? As for me, well, I can sum it up in five words : KEEPING MY HEAD ABOVE WATER.

I'm trying my best not to get overwhelmed by monthly bills or emergency situations that would make me do an unplanned withdrawal from my paycheck account. I can't afford to lose my budget and my sh*t at the same time. So, believe me when I say I'm trying to chill the f*ck down. Lots of things are happening lately - my best friend moved to another city, my (longest running) roommate moved out of our dorm and another former roommate of ours moved to Australia recently. Another good friend of mine got married and some of my friends have gone missing. Just kidding, they just went a little out of my radar! I know we are all adults (are we?!) so, I totally understand that they can't simply drop everything whenever I call them and ask them to play  have coffee/lunch/dinner with me. 

There are also certain things (about life/love) that I can't quite understand at this moment. But, I found an epic quote about it.

But despite the gray areas of life, I know it's weird for me to say this but I still am trying to look at the bright side of things. So, here's something about my life lately...

* After years of blabbering about it, I finally got a shot on a driver's seat! I am seriously hoping that I would be able to get a driver's license THIS YEAR. My uncle (and former playmate slash baby-sitter) who works in Dubai was back in our hometown for about a month and he taught me (and another friend by blood) how to drive an automatic car. Of course, I suck. I was freaking out the whole time and there weren't even cars on the road where I practiced. Hahaha! But that sparked my motivation to learn how to drive!

* I'm still having fun PAINTING, you guys! I already wrote a separate post about the benefits of painting. It's not just the act of painting that is fun, I also love geeking around at nearby malls looking for art supplies. My favorite store so far is The Craft Central, but I got my first paint brush from Papemelroti and my first watercolor pad from National bookstore.

* After 20 epic years of waiting, Card Captor Sakura's animation Season 2 is finally out, yo! (High five to my fellow otakus out there!) I'm watching the new season these days, but I'm also re-watching the old episodes, you know the ones from early 2000?! Hahaha!

* As part of my minimalism gig, I am really trying my best to get rid of unnecessary stuff around my living space. Yes, there are days or weeks wherein I would fail to organize my stuff (I'm so sorry about this roommates!) but whenever I get a chance to just lounge around my dorm, I make sure to check my drawer to see if there are clothes that don't serve any purpose in my life anymore and I try to get rid of them. I'm trying my best to stick with black, white and gray colors. However, I still can't totally let go of my floral dresses. (Huhu!)

* My dumpling obsession has resurfaced. Ever since I saw Akira Yuuki (from Virtua Fighter) join that gyoza eating contest way back when I was like 12, I've been obsessed with gyoza or any type of dumpling for that matter. It makes me feel much much closer to the anime world. Plus, it's really good! I don't need to eat anything else with it. I also eat the Chinese (jiao zi) and Korean (mandu) versions but gyoza from Tokyo Tokyo and other Japanese fast food restaurants are just plain OISHI!!!

* I simply love chilling at my dorm and going burrito mode in my bed all day if I don't have adulting sh*ts to do. It's pretty tough to drag me outta my cave once I decide to go full-scale hermit during my days off. (Unless you show me photos of dumplings - damn, I would always fall for that bait!) An exception to my burrito days would be a day at a spa or salon. From time to time, I'm trying to re-live my princess (past) life. Hahaha! I like being pampered after doing modern Cinderella duties. I love getting a massage, getting rid of my toxins through wet or dry sauna, getting my nails done or having a new hairstyle. That's when you would see my eyes sparkle like sh*t!

* Sometime in the middle of 2017, I finally crossed out another adulting sheez out of my list. I GOT LIFE INSURANCE, yo! I've been paying for it for close to a year now. I ain't got a house nor property to refer to as my 'security', but at least I was able to get some sort of security knowing that whatever happens to me, my family wouldn't have to pay for my funeral nor cry about whatever debt or rent fee I have left unsettled. Yay!

* I live about 20 minutes away from my office. The most practical way to get to work is to simply WALK. I know it's kinda bad for my skin but I want to even out my skin tone, haha! I want my legs to be as tanned as my face and upper body (but I simply can't do it, urgh!) Walking is also good because these days, I haven't been working out (again) so my only exercise is walking everyday. It helps me maintain my weight and it's an awesome leg workout, though I think I really have to do something about my waistline too!

* Despite having a full-time job, I still try my best to update my blog as often as I could. Sometimes, I still can't reach my "four blog post a month" quota, but, I try to forgive myself and make up for it the next time inspiration/motivation kicks in. I never stop writing down my thoughts on my journal though. Even if I am not publishing posts for days or weeks in a row, I always have ideas written on my journal. The last collaboration I had was with I hope you were able to read my post about how I deal with my chapped lips

That's it for now! 

How about you? What have you been up to lately? 


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    1. I miss you sempaiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! :'( Thank you for making time to read about my shenanigans. Domo arigato! :D

  2. My big toes, too!!! :-D

  3. Keep write so well.

    I hope, I can do same with mine...but for now, let me seize the moment to read and enjoy your stuff.

    1. I would love to read more from your blog too! I'm excited to learn more from you. I also need a good balance between reading and writing, as well as speaking and listening! This thing keeps me sane, so, yes I will do my best to update this site. Thank you for the support! :)


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