(This is a continuation of my notes about turning 23!)

To those who are wondering how I celebrated my 23rd birthday…well here goes!

I did the dishes at exactly 12 midnight, took out the trash and dropped it off at the garbage chute. Then, went to the Internet shop at the 3rd floor of our building. 

I logged on to Facebook, checked my emails, sent out resumes, listened to Taylor Swift and replied to people who greeted me on Facebook. I was online until past 4 AM. (The shop owner gave me an hour free as a birthday gift. So cool! I like it when I get free stuff especially on my birthday!) I went back to our unit at around quarter to five, watched few episodes of CHARMED (Season 1) for the nth time, folded my laundry, then slept from 6 AM until 3 PM. 

From 3 to 4 PM, I replied to all the text messages that I received while I was sleeping, and then, I jumped out of bed, washed my face, brushed my teeth then had ‘breakfast’. I had rice, eggs and my all time favorite canned tuna for breakfast. (I just realized I’ve been eating Century Tuna for 20 years now, I think my obsession to it started when I was 3).

I turned on the TV and watched ‘Temptation of Wife’ while having a slice of egg pie and my very first cup of coffee as a 23-year old lady. (Lady?)

I went back to bed when the show ended and I continued texting/replying to my friends’ messages. I also transferred some of my scribbled notes to a more decent paper. Then, I switched the TV on again around 10:30 PM, then, I grabbed a peach-mango flavored yogurt from the fridge and watched “Baker King”. 

I'm listening to ‘Moment of Truth’ by FM Static, ‘So Sick and Because of You by NeYo’, ‘Take a Bow’ by Rhianna, ‘I’m Already Home’ by Tim Mcgraw and ‘Para Sayo’ by Parokya ni Edgar while I'm typing this! 

Yup! I haven’t taken a shower! I stink! Hahaha!


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