So every now and then I hit rock bottom, sometimes, I can go deeper than that. But I make sure I learned something from those lousy moments. Here's a summary of what I've learned so far:

1. Let go of lousy and crappy things that are not useful.

2. It's okay to think about old memories and look forward to the future, but NOTHING beats the present, no matter how awful it is. It's the only thing that is REAL.

3. Help. (No BUTs no IFs)

4. Don't hold grudges.

5. Say goodbye when you leave (especially if you're leaving for a long time or for good)

6. Everyone gets rejected at least once in their life...some people get rejected ALL the time.

7. Cry and let the boohoos out...then get a pedicure or a massage! Eat sundae on your way home!

8. Ignoring people you're crazy about is bullshit! Don't do that.

9. Don't say mean things that you really don't mean.

10. Doing something you hate for someone you love ROCKS!

11. Peace talk works.

12. When people don't ask, they usually don't want to know.


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