What I've Learned in 24 Years

1. Time really heals...
2. One mistake can ruin a lifetime of good credits.
3. I'm an empath! (hahaha) Well everyone has a potential to be one...it's just that not everyone's interested about listening to their inner selves.
4. It's hard to be caught in the middle (of anything)
5. You can do almost anything you want if you REALLY want it.
6. You gotta hand over your fears and dreams to God, He'll take care of them, all you gotta do is have faith.
7. My life would be so much harder if I can't listen to music or if I can't understand the lyrics of my favorite songs.
8. Guilt can haunt you down for years...so try to make peace (with yourself or with others) as soon as you can.
9. Everyone's got a flaw...
10. When you're hurt - REACT! You gotta tell people whether they are stepping on your toes or chopping your heart to pieces. Don't bottle up the feelings for years.
11. Unless it's necessary, you shouldn't work too much.
12. Bad things happen whether you wake up early or not.
13. Something is better than nothing. It doesn't really matter if you're taking baby steps towards your goal, no matter what happens, just keep moving.
14. If you want to be sad, be sad until the sadness goes away.
15. Outer beauty fades, inner beauty grows.
16. Self-help books won't help if you won't help yourself.
17. It's okay to stick with your plans but you gotta be flexible from time to time. Sometimes unexpected things are way better than your plans.
18. I graduated from high school a LONG TIME AGO, so there's no point acting like one!
19. Some people are easy to read...(or is it just my Empath side working real well?)
20. Visualization is necessary.
21. Smile (or laugh) if you're happy. You don't have to hide it.
22. It's nice if you know how to rap.
23. It's okay to CHANGE yourself, just make sure you'll be better.
24. Age is really just a number. You're still YOU after all those years. I know I am! ^.^


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